Magnolia Petroleum Support Rita Whittington Otherwise ‘Tis gameover!’

I can’t help laughing into my porridge this morning after reading the shorting CEO Matt Lofgrans latest epistles to the market. You’ll recall that Lofgran is one of the biggest corporate shysters on the London Aim, not only has he shorted his own company to the detriment of his own share-holders he’s also hand in glove with known pump & dumpers as well as a serial liar. Emails received (genuine emails from Lofgran) confirm that Matt Lofgran has been making secret payments to known pump and dumpers to attack his own shareholders and ramp his own stock. That is a 100% fact that when I have the time I will expose. If the liar would care to take those allegations to the High Court to challenge myself and this website then do so. He wont because he knows I have those emails.

Just why anybody with half a brain would vote for Lofgrans crazy plan to oust the current Magnolia Petroleum (LON: MAGP) board is laughable. It is a sign of his increasing desperation to try and rape another company to keep his floundering wreck of a ship, the SS Titanic (NTOG) afloat. Look at this mans record it is second to none in total failure.

Lofgran isn’t an oil & gas man he’s an ex estate agent. His lack of experience can be seen in the dreadful, and I mean truly dreadful seven years of total abject failure at the helm of NTOG. It’s a running joke in the city of London. No broker worth their salt will back him. He’s a serial liar, a serial loser and a serial bullshitter. If you had invested £10,000 in Nostra 3 years ago you would be wiped out. It would now be worth circa £100. Indeed if you had invested £10,000 in Nostra pre consolidation you would now be wiped out! It would be now worth Circa £300! Indeed again! If, like the poor fookers who were suckered into latest barrel scrape via the piss poor Teathers App you’d be sat on huge losses! The company are in debt up to their eyeballs! They’re showing a cumulative $20,000,000 dollar loss! Vote for this! lol!!!! You’d have to be mentally deranged!!!

NTOG Chart…Vote for Extinction!

Their operating loss as at Dec’ 2016 announced today was £3,534,000!!!! Do you really want this fooker pulling the chain at Magnolia Petroleum? Does a turkey vote for Christmas? NO! Stick with Rita Whittington, who has over 30 years genuine oil and gas experience. She’s the only one who can and is turning MAGP around.

Lofgran and Ewen Worthless are well known for WITHHOLDING material market sensitive information, such as the travesty and the shambolic situation in East Ghazalat, where Lofgran and Ewen Worthless have kept ‘stum’ on the 60% decrease in production, as well as over $2,000,000 in unpaid operating costs to their Chinese operator.  Who they have accused of fraud!

The accounts are shocking ‘Worthless’ is telling people how he’s restructured Nostra Terra, really? You mean how you restructured Gulf Keystone Petroleum? Shareholders were wiped out after ‘Worthless’ and Todd Kozel jumped ship. Remember them? Any fool including a monkey can raise cash from mug punters, the begging bowl has been passed around so many times here that to say it’s a worn out doesn’t do it justice. The performance of Nostra since day one of Lofgran’s tenure, some 7 years, has been appalling!!! And if you want to back an ex estate agent over a proven CEO with 30 years of oil & gas experience then you might as well start burning £50 notes in the street right now!

If Lofgran’s henchmen get their hands on MAGP. They will rape and destroy the company, taking out the cream of MAGP’s assets for buttons….  Leaving it a vacuous wreck for Mr Snead the former Director, to step in and turn it into a bio/pharm/computer shell. That will mean massive dilution, consolidation and wipe out for every single Magnolia shareholder.


Stick with the Magnolia Board Save Your Company! Vote Down The lying corporate shysters Lofgran et al!





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6 Responses

  1. Chief1 says:

    Matt is definitely out there as one of the most despicable CEOs on the AIM casino He’s taken shareholders to the cleaners more times than I’ve had hot dinners.

    A vote for lofgran is a vote for administrative implosion. Magnolia will fold.

  2. Gordon says:

    Would the serial liars initials be right at the start of the alphabet?

  3. JStone says:

    I had to do a double take. Your seriously believe that the goddess of destruction, Rita, should remain insitue. Not that I have much faith in Mr Lofram but even he couldn’t be any worse than what has been transpiring for years at MAGP.

    • Dan Levi says:

      The problems at MAGP are ALL down to Mr Snead who was the CEO and Gavin Burnell who formulated their strategy. Not Rita Whittington who has over 30yrs oil & gas experience. Snead is trying to get back control so he can divest all assets to Lofgran on the cheap place and rto as a computer software company.. As for Lofgran, his performance is absolutely fooking shocking. For you to even consider him as anything other than a total failure shows your naivety. Lofgran will do exactly what he has with NTOG and destroy them. He’s an estate agent who runs a lifestyle company that’s in the toilet, can’t raise cash and has to use an App. Wake Up Jstone….