Saffron Energy & Sound Energy Milan Site visits. 2 For the price of 1

Saffron EnergyI can’t for the life of me understand how both these companies are having ‘Site Visits’ within a day of each other. So being a rather greedy news hungry individual I might as well combine my Saffron Energy site visit with the Sound Energy site visit.

It makes sense to me…. The Sound Energy site jolly is on the morning of the 9th March 2017, the Saffron Energy jolly is on the morning of the 10th March 2017. Kill the proverbial 2 birds with 1 stone and get whisked around Milan while being fed copious amounts of pasta and booze all ‘Gratis’. The drinks are on them the travel is on them and the food as well.sound-energy-logo

Any one who’s on the Saffron or Sound site visits should do the same. Contact the Saffron PR guru Mrs Stefania Barbaglio. oops I mean Miss Stefania Barbaglio of the much sought after Cassiopeia Services. (Freudian slip there)  Sound Investors who wish to attend the Saffron site visit should contact Stefania either via email or a direct call to 07949 690338.  This is what I did and low and behold all my transport to the Saffron Bezzecca site visit was sorted out within 45 minutes.

Some times it’s so glaringly obvious…. Get two for the price of one!

See you all in Milano….. 🙂





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