Scumbags destroying shareholder value.

Today we’ve learned what I knew two weeks ago but couldn’t firm up. I did however report this to Echo Energy four days ago. Their House Broker has been selling stock in the Company and cratering their clients share-price.

Echo are trying to build a business for the benefit of their share-holders and their stake-holders. The last thing any company needs is for their House Broker to  ‘cut and run’ to the detriment of their client, their shareholders, their institutional backers and the business model currently being built. This is wrong on so many levels, not least is that Brandon Hill Capital are insiders. It sends out the wrong message and is very damaging to all.

Two weeks ago my sources were telling me that certain individuals at Brandon Hill were openly laughing and giggling about their plan on selling their stock/warrants and making a fortune. I began to check this out and cross referenced bits of information coming out of the London ‘broker wine bar scene’. Three separate sources confirmed the rumours circulating. I’ve tried to contact Brandon Hill five times, each time I’m told that they’re in a meeting etc. The usual city guff for ‘fuck you’.

These scumbags held 11.2%. Today we learned it’s down to 10.1%  having flipped circa 3 million shares, this figure is going to rise. Brandon Hill are sellers in the market and until these bastards are out the Echo share-price has a brake firmly upon it. Any rises will be sold into by the shysters….

The Board of Echo Energy should immediately sack Brandon Hill. The sooner the better.

Brandon Hill Laughing at ECHO Shareholders

You cannot build a brand when your House Broker is kicking you in the teeth on a daily basis. I appeal to all vested shareholders to email Echo and demand they dispense with Brandon Hill. Get a Broker who aligns their interests with the Company. There are plenty out there who would walk naked to John O’Groats to be part of the Echo story. I, like many retail punters, have a big (to me) interest/investment here and am livid at what these fookers are up to. They are destroying share-holder value for short termism. Corporate Jackals. These people are the epitome of all that is wrong on the AIM Casino. Champagne swigging wankers

This is not a retail investor taking profit. It is the HOUSE BROKER, who is in the employ of the Company and receiving payments for what? Destroying their clients share-price. The message this sends out not only to retail investors but to the market is highly damaging.

Team Echo are rumoured to be in South America progressing deals. While the Cats are away the corporate Rats are at play.

Greg Coleman, James Parsons, Marco Fumagalli need to take action; immediately sack the chuckling, giggling Brandon Hill Capital. When a snake bites you, the remedy is, cut it’s head off.






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