Saffron Energy RNS Imminent! Gas flowing! Confirmed!

It’s great news reaching the ‘International Finance Blogger of the Year’ (I only put that title in to annoy certain people 🙂 ). When you have a ‘Big Stick’ it’s nice to beat a few people with it lol!!!

Hopefully those at Saffron will be forced to release an RNS today on the back of this small Blog.

The Gas Meter Dials are Whizzing around at Bezzecca !

Gas is flowing at Bezzecca. Reports of a minimum 30,000 scm per day that equates to about 200 barrels of oil or equivalent. This is now in the public domain so the Company should release an RNS immediately!

Great news for the Company and a testament to a genuine small oiler that within a few months of their Initial Public Offering (IPO) have now brought in a major revenue stream. This is a super achievement. Think of ALL the companies in this sector that have for years upon years promised so much yet delivered absolutely nothing other than fleece retail investors and they’re still at it today!  The road to AIM is littered with broken promises and broken companies. Saffron Energy have taken 2 months to do what most of the piss poor lifestyle comps’ still haven’t done in 4,5,6 years!

Well done to all at Saffron. It’s a refreshing change to be congratulating a company rather than castigating it!




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2 Responses

  1. JStone says:

    What is your opinion now on SRON. Been observing for real traction before contemplating investing but seems that despite your positive sentiment it is only heading in one direction, southward. Even though it is a recent IPO the signs are that they will likely be doing a placing.

  2. JStone says:

    Looks like no commentary needed now. Guess porky pies goes with the territory of AIM as production possibly Q1 2018.
    Still would be interested in your take on this lack of development.