Independent Poll. Vote Now! Who was the biggest stock market villain of 2015. Tom Winnifrith was ‘Wong’ to Deny Freespeech!

ShareProphets have called foul on their Poll because 43% proxy voted for Canace Wong a.k.a Tom Winnifrith as the real Aim Villain of 2015. So let’s set the record straight. We’re re-running that exact same Poll with 2 new names added to the candidates list, in addition comments will not be moderated or deleted. It’s totally independent and dependent on who YOU think is the Aim Villain of 2015.

Voters, unlike shareProphets, don’t have to be a member. And returning participants are blocked by Browser, Script, Operating System, Meta tags and IP address.

There’s four differences to the BMD Poll. 1/ It’s genuinely all inclusive! 2/ Tom Winnifriths name has been added. 3/ BMD has also been added. 4/ We won’t be screaming blue murder just because we don’t like the outcome! This Poll will close at midnight 6/January/2016.

So without further ‘ado’ YOU DECIDE!

Who was the biggest stock market villain of 2015?

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