Millwall Holdings. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok this post is for the slightly mad Jacob & Co who have been emailing me non-stop for the last month or so requesting information on Millwall Holdings.

Open an Ebay account you’ll make more money trading on Ebay than you ever will with this shell of a company.

For the life of me i can’t understand how any one with a modicum of sense could ever envisage investing in Millwall.

Keep your money in the bank or under the bed rather than throw it away here.

Or better still seek medical help if the urge to invest in Millwall Holdings continues.


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No Responses

  1. miopus says:

    Dan – are these secret emailers really WAGS do you think ?

    Or just good friends with Rooney ?

  2. brendan says:

    Love it Dan, great sense of humour as always you don’t mince your words.

  3. miopus says:

    This was the winner in a Citywire poetry corner competition – Congratulations to “MicMac”

    Farewell Tony, you’ve had the sack

    Now you can get your life back

    A pension too and more beside

    A job in Russia to salve your pride

    A certain blowout caused your fall

    Your way with words, or not at all

    An angry President, low in poll

    A Board decision, Heads must roll

    Eleven deaths and one large spill

    A slow response some say still

    A share collapse, an asset sale

    A huge provision, investors pale

    A birthday party, a sailing trip

    A Senate investigation, a sinking ship

    Beaches, wildlife in the frame

    British Petroleum is to blame

    Welcome Bob to the fray

    Now you step in to save the day

    To cap the well and grease the palm

    And make the peace with Uncle Sam

  4. miopus says:

    Taking the Rap.

    Obama’s made a drama

    out of Tony’s baloney.

    What’s uncertain

    is whether Halliburton

    should take some of the blame

    for BP’s bad name.

    I’m buying more,

    while these shares are on the floor!

    (and I did !)