ShareProphets Now Ballot Rigging! Who do you think you are kidding Mr Tom Winnifrith?

Tom Winnifrith

Vote rigging! As predicted writer, editor and owner of the one man show/blog shareProphets has produced even more comedy gold on his ‘who is the stock market villain of 2015 poll’ Tom Winnifrith has now decided to discount all the genuine Canace Wong a.k.a Tom Winnifrith proxy votes. Why I hear you say? Because Canace Wong a.k.a. Tom Winnifrith was the slam dunk winner. Receiving 42% of all shareProphets votes cast! Remember you have to be a member to vote!

Robert Mugabe

Of course the piss poor pathetic excuse given? An anonymous Manchester voter using the same IP to multipule vote! Really? A quick look at the facts are that it is impossible to vote from the same IP. As stated in todays email response from who own and run the programme and server that hosts their poll service. See copy of boardhost reply to their online contact form at the end of this article.

It really is yet another major blow to the credibility of TW and the so-called purveyors of free speech to sink to ballot rigging! The name Robert Mugabe comes to mind! To behave like a despot and rig the vote so that others take his crown. It’s comedy gold, pure and simple. It would seem it’s “not who votes that counts but who counts the vote!”

Of course you can vote in a truly Independent poll run by this site and vote whatever way you choose CLICK HERE Independent Poll. Vote Now! Who was the biggest stock market villain of 2015. Tom Winnifrith was ‘Wong’ to Deny Freespeech!



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Admin Team 


1:41 PM (3:32 minutes ago)

to administrator@brokermandaniel.
Dear Sir
Duplicate voters are blocked by internet service provider and IP address.  The same IP can not duplicate vote. is a free service. Polls are subject to error and are for entertainment only.
Admin Team.

-See more at:

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