Comedy Gold Tom Winnifrith about to be crowned Aim Villain of 2015 by? His own Members!!!

N.B Tom now stating he’s cancelling peoples votes!!!  It’s called Rigging votes! Freespeech? My Arse… pmsl…

I’ve just been emailed an article by a reader. I’m absolutely in fits of giggles. Apparently the ‘Shemale of Aim’ oops typo I mean the ‘Sheriff of Aim’, the hapless Tom Winnifrith is in a lather regarding a poll he’s running on shareProphets. Who is the biggest Aim Villain in 2015″ the usual targets are listed in the poll, some rightly there, others certainly not. The Sheriff is now alleging all kinds of conspiracy theories as to why the vote isn’t going the way he’d set it up to go. i.e Winner Rob Terry, David Lenigas or Chris Oil, then Tom writes the article. All a bit of fun no doubt.

The problem for Thomas is that Lord @ChrisOil ran a piece on twitter urging people to Vote for a lady named Canace Wong, as a protest at shareProphets/Tom being the real villain of 2015 on the Aim Casino. As I understand it poor Miss Wong is now being proxy voted for Tom being crowned the biggest villain operating on Aim. No one can manipulate the poll because it’s run on a secure server by the company who host the service. So poor Tom has to sit by pulling his hair out as his very own members vote for who they want. You can’t vote unless you’re a member of shareProphets. Returning voters are blocked by ‘script, cookie, browser, and IP address as well as having to have an account on shareProphets. In-order to have an account you have to have a validated email etc. One account one email. It’s a pretty full proof system. For a giggle I did sneak on there myself last night and use my old account to vote. 1st time in months.

Some of the comments were hilarious… But as ever the lipservice purveyors of @freespeech have taken all comments off. I never link or visit shareProphets especially when it was being edited by a drug dealing liar. Now that Messr’s Winnifrith/Moore are back in control I may lift my block. ShareProphets Articles have one purpose, and that is to drive traffic to make money. But on this occasion and it being the New Year of 2016 I’ll make an exception. Hence the links, back to their POLL.

TW crowned Villain of 2015? Comedy gold!

Remember it’s all good fun and in Jest.

Happy New Year to the Biggest Villain On Aim, whoever  wins I can hear the excuses being formulated now! lol!

Vote Canace a.k.a Tom Winnifrith! pmsl…





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