I Accuse ShareProfits Tom Winnifrith & ‘safehouse’ Turney of Market Abuse!

New World Oil & Gas (LON: NEW) It doesn’t matter  what the vote is, YES/NO. The outcome will be the same. Share-holders get screwed. If it’s a YES the sp will correct itself downwards. If it’s a NO the open offer will kick in and the shares will come into existence via the back door the sp will plummet. The outcome is exactly the same. You the share-holders get screwed. Who makes all the money? Those who ran the squeeze and dumped the stock. I directly accuse shareProfits Winnifrith and ‘safehouse’ Turney of Market Abuse.

I expose the lies and deceits perpetrated by shareProfits, the witless Ben ‘safehouse’ Turney and hypocrite crony capitalist Tom Winnifrith.

All are guilty of wholesale market abuse. Turney in particular is responsible for running a campaign encouraging people to invest/trade in a company that is little better than a shell. The so called ‘bear squeeze’ was orchestrated by Metal Tiger and certain bloggers/writers Turney being the lead figure who pumped and ramped their cause ostensibly in the name of share-holders but in reality for profit and revenge. (See email below) They would have us all believe that they were in it for the share-holders. Turney is a barefaced liar. He was and is in it for? Money. Today I release 1 email (There are others) from Turneys farcically named NWOG action group that exposes the lies, deceits and the lengths this reprehensible creature was prepared to go too trying to become a Winnifrith MII.

Offers of ‘SafeHouses’ in Stockholm & the Lake District. Admissions that they are in it for ‘money’ and much more. Read it in full. Quite literally the ravings of desperate madmen. All part of the scare tactics employed to bully & intimidate a 78yr old lady & her son into keeping the plot to profit on track. As for Turney’s inferred threats of legal redress to Chrisoil and myself those emails will see the light of day in another expose soon enough. As will the menacing ‘Friendly word’ email from Gary Bullivant. Coward.

Yes Mr. Tom Winnifrith & his prophets of freespeech threatening legal action to silence the truth! A Farce Major.

The abuse that the Williams family has been subjected too is Criminal. Both Winnifrith and Turney should hang their sniggering heads in shame. They have reported the Williams’s to the authorities literally dozens upon dozens of times. No doubt that these serial malicious informers have reported many, myself included.  Making wholly unfounded wild allegations in an attempt to intimidate, threaten and cajole. Abuse online & on twitter has been sickening.  They are responsible for orchestrating it. Using bogus accounts to whip up hate. Using people of low morality to then take up the abuse. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Blame others and deflect away your guilt. Black propaganda

They are directly responsible for investors/traders losing millions upon millions of pounds. NEW are now suspended. That is twice now that investors have taken a hit. ShareProfits have published article upon article flip flopping at each and every turn. Blaming others, accusing others,  causing confusion. The good cop/bad cop routine has been as transparent as glass, while all the time directly profiting via ad clicks, email shots, and no doubt the rising of value in NEW stock. It’s market abuse to be running a short squeeze campaign on a bogus issue and making serial malicious complaints on a daily basis to manipulate the share price into profit. #FACT

The shareProfits NWOG, liars, hypocrites & bullshitters were briefing behind the scenes  entrapping & ensnaring the gullible who are now trapped in thinking they’d be riches galore on a NO vote. When in actual fact they will now be diluted and get sweet F.A.  By it’s very nature a naked short means that you hold until you get a good profit then you get out of dodge before it collapses. Those who ramped this were as per the Metal Tiger RNS well gone before the egm. Those left holding the baby are now holding stock that’s suspended and going to plummet when the suspension is lifted..

Tom Winnifrith just can’t bring himself to admit it. By allowing ‘safehouse’ Turney free reign to publish NWOG articles he is just as guilty and complicit. His failure to control the idiot has directly cost people millions upon millions of pounds. How do you feel about it Tom? You can squirm all you want. You can try to deflect away your guilt by hurling malicious accusation’s at Chrisoil or even myself but the facts will not change. You sacked Turney because his articles were not generating enough traffic, ad clicks, revenue and because of the catastrophic fall in NEW on 11th May after the RNS.  You then reinstated him to save face, concocting a story to cover up the truth. You paid him thousands upon thousands of pounds. You employed him. You carry the can for it. Take responsibility!

Some years ago Tom Winnifrith contacted me asking for my help. It was in the wake of his Rivington St Disaster. He was in a very dark place. A wounded animal. A broken man. I could, like everyone else, have stuck the boot in. I am proud to say that I offered him the hand of friendship when all around him were going in for the kill. I refused to kick him when he was down. Tom eventually got through into the light and people began to help him rebuild his shattered reputation. ShareProfits & other ventures came into existence. These sites were meant to help genuine people make good INFORMED CHOICES. Sadly that ethos has now gone. Winnifrith has reverted back to type pre the Rivington St crash when he was an obnoxious POS. Everyone will tell you that. And Tom knows that. It has now become a vehicle used to generate cash solely for himself. It doesn’t matter how it’s generated or who it comes from. Mammon is the Winnifrith God.

We now see the last desperate smoke & mirror act in the whole disgraceful saga. ‘Safehouse’ Turney hot-footing it over to the NEW egm in Jersey. What will that achieve? Absolutely nothing other than the delusion that ‘Safehouse’ can witter on that he went to save NEW pmsl… It can’t effect the vote. It NEVER EFFECTED THE VOTE. Win lose or draw. Those shares are coming in. Fact.

The facts are this; those who pushed this ‘bear squeeze’ using social media and the press never had any intention whatsoever of being around for the vote. It was a ‘Get your greed in first’ play. To try to dress it up as anything else is like the NWOG action group and their low cur support, a hastily cobbled together spurious ruse.

There’s one person who comes out of this with their integrity enhanced. Stand up Mr Christopher Williams aka @Chrisoil. The man who put his money where his mouth is and took 10% of the Company after being told by Beaumont Cornish that there was 3.4billion shares in issue. Chris took the stock because he wanted to get the board out and help to save share-holders. He miss-fired and ended up with 48%. That was his only mistake. At one point Chris was in profit by over £2,000,000. He never sold 1 single share. He held his nerve when all around him people were cashing in. It is only recently that he has had to sell down trying to get below the Takeover threshold because he has been instructed by the Takeover Panel to do so after the malicious furore created by ‘safehouse’ et al. At the last count he held 25%. The problem is and always was that most of his stock has not settled and carries no voting rights. #Fact He was only allowed to sell down stock that had settled. The job of Daniel Levi Associates was to help organise the sell down to get the William’s family legally compliant. It was a very difficult process involving many different organisations. The job is now done.

As for all the poor sods now holding stock that will plummet; @Chrisoil will be the one share-holder who suffers the most. Mr 25%. A man of enduring integrity who held his stock when he could have cashed up for £2,000,000.  The flamboyant multi-millionaire trader/investor is the real HERO in all of this.

Don’t forget all those holding New World Oil & Gas stock. Send your ‘thanks’ to the crony capitalists for all their hard work. Greed & lies reigns supreme at shareProfits.

NWOG Condemned by their own hand.


Original Message —– GOTCHA!

To: j.williams.1@**********
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2015 3:52 PM
Subject: New World Oil and Gas – Tweets
Hi Chris,

We haven’t met but Ben Turney has given me your  email address.  I’m one of his “pals” in the context of New World Oil and  Gas.  I have to say, Ben has taken to heart being lumped in with Nazis as a  threatening bully and is reserving his position. As one of his pals I’m not too  impressed either but I don’t think his principled position should stop us  pragmatists talking.

So, lets have a frank exchange with me going  first.  None of this refers to Ben or his opinions which are personal to  him.
We, collectively, think you made a mistake when you filled out your  Holding RNS form.  Well, at least two actually; the 10/30 % issue and  neglecting to fill in Para 9 onwards to reflect that you are the controlling  party thus drawing unwanted attention to your mother.  You could have  remedied this with a corrected version and a proactive approach to the Takeover  Panel and the Jersey Financial Authorities. You still can.  I have contacts  in both following previous skirmishes with NWOG since 2013.

Some of  us believe that you had no need even to submit the RNS.  On the evidence of  market patterns it looks as though you bought from, perhaps, Cornhill Capital or  the Market Makers directly and therefore may have benefited from a price  discounted below the market price at the time.  This suggests to us that  you effectively bought conditional promissory notes not shares.  There are  only, as you no doubt know only too well, 702m shares issued and an unknown  number of promises dependent on a yes vote on 19 May producing the 2.7bn  additional shares. If this is true and you were told you were buying shares  someone is in trouble and it isn’t you.

If you are indeed being  bullied by anyone, we believe it is by those people who are responsible for  putting you in this invidious position in the first place.  If we read it  right, you are being told to keep quiet about how you acquired whatever it is  you acquired and are being pressured to vote yes to to the placing if you are  allowed to vote.

Clearly, these are our views on what we see or  don’t see.  I’d welcome you response, which I will keep in complete  confidence, including to Ben unless you tell me otherwise.

As for  our position, some of the action group want to make money and that will not  surprise you one bit.  Some want revenge for the many times they have  experienced discounted placings by crony capitalists and industry insiders.  Others, including myself have a reformist agenda for the AIM and, surprisingly  perhaps, an interest in seeing justice catch up with certain members of the  Board in one degree or another.  I exclude your namesake from that  list.

By all means ask away if there is anything that concerns you  in our agenda or if you want confirmation or denial of your suspicions of anyone  being in the “Turney Pals”. and therefore responsible for threatening  behaviour.   In return could I ask you to hold off letting hell loose  on the market until we have at least examined if there is some common  ground.

In the interests of conciliation I’d like to extend an  invitation for you to come up to the Lake District for a few days just as Ben  invited you to Stockholm previously. If you really do feel you are being  pressured to behave uncharacteristically by those around you, my wife and I  would love to offer you a Safe House for a few days of peace and quiet, if it  would help you achieve your aim. We do have a phone and broadband but mobile  coverage is rubbish.

Finally, this email is to you personally.  It is not to be forwarded  or shown to anyone without my direct permission.  I will extend this caveat  to any reply you are kind enough to make.

I look forward to hearing back from you,







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    Everyone knows about them. Liars galore.