Nautical. Big news expected.

As foretold here earlier today the RNS is in(Keddington). However the market are still expecting an update on the Catcher discovery things are looking very good here at Nautical/Encore.

Nautical could well double on significant news. 200p is in all probabilty the base SP here for day traders when the news hits.

My understanding is that the DST will show an improvement re’ the recoverable oil column.

However please bear in mind that each investor should DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH and not rely on ANY blog/internet site.

Big News is expected here.


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  1. Hoopla joe says:

    Well done dano!!!
    Hey mate where are the knockers now?
    Hey you bunch of losers Dan is the man!
    Keep it coming Dannyboy
    We love you.

    Ps bought at 115 sold at 154. Yippeeeeeee!

  2. Matey123 says:

    whats up with GCM dan?

  3. Matey123 says:

    please provide gcm update dan the man!

  4. Matey123 says:

    g c m

  5. Matey123 says:

    anytime this century would be good for putting out an GCM statement