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The Falkland Islands are an archipelago in the...

Be prepared!

Well what can it mean? Does the latest company epistle hint at yet another Falklands duster? Who knows but the way this share price has been behaving is any ones guess. I’ve never heard of an oil company telling the market that they haven’t got any data because they’re still pulling out the drill bit! Is there going to be a mish mash of a rns telling us all exactly zilch?

Rumours and counter-rumours are circulating through-out the oil-sections at the moment as truth be told NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what the hell is going on here!

But as ever your faithful Blog has pulled all the stops out to bring you the latest city thoughts.

“It’s looking decidedly grim down at the Falklands!” and “it’s on a knife-edge” are some of the latest thoughts emanating from two of the big institutions heavily invested in Falklands oil plays!

From the way this stock price is reacting I’d say that if it keeps falling then it’s bad news! I know that’s not what people want to hear but reality will kick in only when Desire tell us all exactly what we want to know!

Let’s hope for all those heavily invested that the news is good.


Fingers and Toes are crossed.

Good Luck.


PS Stop loss!

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  1. anti-ramper says:

    @BrokermanDaniel Don’t own shares Dan – in anything. We’ve been writing the well is dry for weeks – just heard talk that they’ve hit a trace

    Works for The Sun.

  2. 13thMonkey says:

    Not really surprised if they don’t find anything with this drilling, and to be honest I think people would have to be pretty optimistic if they think that significant oil is going to be hit this time round. Nonetheless, I’m sure that with such a mental stock the sp will plummet when they confirm what I’m sure a lot of people suspect.

    I mean, seriously what have the last few days been about with DES? Unbelievable.

    Ah well, all a learning experience, and at least it’s been offset by gains from your reccomendations Dan, so thanks for that!

  3. Jazzfunk says:

    what are the hits at the mo Dan?
    your flag thingy is a bit confusing are the 71 thousand hits from 4 oct to 28 oct your hits so far or are they related to the flag counter hits?
    Just out of interest.


  4. Biggleswick says:

    DES going nuts this morn on pos. rumour again after a day of bad rumour. That’s good, bad, good in as many days. Whoa, I’m dizzy.

    Friday = fun and games! (Biting nails again)

    Come on, DES!

  5. LT says:

    Dan, what is your eta for the Matra update?

  6. lob says:

    dan can you contact me regards some info i have which maybe of use to your good self.

  7. Brokerman says:


    Your last post contains abusive and foul language. Fortunately the spam filter caught it.
    Foul and abusive language directed at Blog subscribers will not be tolerated.

    The eye of the Blog is now upon you.
    Take time to calm down and ponder your behaviour.