Justin Waite SharePickers Failed Blackmail!

Pump and Dumper

Share Picker Podcast used for Pump & Dumping and Blackmail!

Justin Waite the numpty that pumps out  guff on sharePrickers has just tried blackmailing BMD!  I contacted Waite yesterday, regarding the P&D gang being run by Doc Holiday. The moron threatened to read out my emails. Bad move dickhead. I’ll now publish them in their entirety.

I asked Waite a series of questions specifically who told him to ask my friend Chris Williams about deleting tweets?  Waite has deliberately refused to answer the questions. It was a classic ambush. Chris was there to talk about oil stocks. Yet 15 minutes into the podcast Waite springs a series a questions totally out of sync with the interview. Who told Justin Waite to ask those questions?

Answer the same man (Mr. Holiday) who last night contacted the CEO of a London listed company requesting that said CEO contact me to keep their company name confidential regarding Mr. Holidays paid involvement with them.

Waite has allowed Mr. Holiday free reign on the advfn podcast to pump away at will on stocks. Each and everyone of those stocks has cratered post pump and dump.

All the emails I sent Waite can be read in their entirety at the end of this article.

Of course Waite’s threats are the kneejerk reaction of the guilty. It is nothing but a ‘skoolboy’ attempt at blackmail. How many times has Waite contacted Mr. Holiday in the last 12 hours or so? I wonder LOL!

Knock yourself out Justin. Because as I am hearing your days at ADVFN are coming to an end.






administrator <administrator@brokermandaniel.com>

7:11 PM (14 hours ago)

to Justin
Stop your lies Mr.
I know full well what your game is. Who told you to ask Chrisy Oil about his tweets? Mike Whitlow. Who told you to maliciously tweet that my site had a virus? Whitlow. You are aware that Whitlow is under investigation?
Let me educate you. If as is looking increasingly likely I find out that you are involved with Whitlow re’ his P&Ding then you will like Whitlow will be going down in flames.
Daniel Levi

Justin Waite

7:56 PM (13 hours ago)

to me
Hi Daniel
What lies have I told?
Daniel you seem to either be misinformed or jumping to inaccurate allegations.
Did you even read the previous email I sent to you? If not here it is:
By the way I didn’t mean to have a go at your site it’s got some excellent content. The only issue I have is that I can’t access via mobile as I keep getting re- directed.
As you know way over half of traffic these days is via mobile so I thought it worth flagging up to you as it may prevent traffic from accessing your content.
In summary, I can’t access your site via my mobile it gets re-directed to the app store. This is not a lie, try it yourself. I repeat, I told you this because it will obviously affect your traffic. It was meant to help you sort it out.
If you think I’m making this up, try it yourself, from a mobile.
By the way, I’m not, “involved” with anyone. Do all the searching you want fella, I have nothing to hide.

Dan Levi <administrator@brokermandaniel.com>

9:46 PM (12 hours ago)

to Justin
You’re a liar. You know and I know that your attempted ambush today of Chris was a put up job. Who told you to ask him about deleting tweets?
Don’t insult my intelligence. You are allowing market abusers to pump stocks on your podcast. That means to me you are involved either directly or indirectly. You’re podcast is being used by Whitlow to pump and dump stocks. CEB! MXO! RRR! SRES! UJO! The FCA are monitoring them.
This is only going to damage you.
You carry on trying to be a smart arse with me and I’ll destroy you. Starting with your radio show. Let’s see what your bosses think of your involvement with a financial scam on the London stock exchange.
Have a nice day. You lying pos!

Sent from my iPhone

Justin Waite

9:49 PM (11 hours ago)

to me
Btw you’re more than welcome to come on the podcast to put your side if you think I was bias in anyway.Sent from my iPhone

Justin Waite

9:51 PM (11 hours ago)

to me
Come on the podcast and chat about it then.
As I said I have nothing to hide contact who you want.Sent from my iPhone

Dan Levi <administrator@brokermandaniel.com>

10:57 PM (10 hours ago)

to Justin
Keep avoiding answering direct questions.
It will not go away.
Meeting Clem next week. Maybe when he asks you’ll tell the truth.
Third time of asking. Who told you to ask Chris about deleting tweets?
Answer Mike Whitlow.Sent from my iPhone

Justin Waite

4:55 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
I’m going to read out (and post them on my website) your threatening emails on the podcast today. It’s up to you whether you want to account for them or not.Sent from my iPhone

administrator <administrator@brokermandaniel.com>

9:12 AM (34 minutes ago)

to justinadamwaite
Do not try to blackmail me into silence by reading out emails. You piece of shit scumbag. Make sure you read that one out you wanker.

Read this one out

I accuse you Justin Waite of allowing your podcast to become a pump and dump tool of Michael Whitlow aka Doc Holiday. Who has used your podcast to pump CEB, RRR, MXO, SRES, NEW, UJO, WSG to name but 7  stocks that were pumped and dumped.
1/ How many times has Whitlow been on your podcast?
2/ What is your association with Whitlow and the pump and dump gang he is running?
3/ Whitlow claims he helped you set this podcast up/ Is this true?
4/ Are you in the pocket of Whitlow?
5/ You are employed by Sam FM are they aware of your involvement in a financial scandal?
6/ I’ll ask you yet again for the fourth time you POS who told you to ask Chris Oil about deleting tweets?
7/ You have deliberately avoided answering the questions put to you. Why?
Because you know and I know that you are closely associated with the Pump and Dumper  crook Michael Whitlow aka Doc Holiday.
Make sure you read this one out you wanker.
Dan Levi

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