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Crony Capitalist

Crony Capitalist is Going Down!

Hot off the press Ben Turney the ShareProphets writer has been sacked by the Crony Capitalist and Hypocrite Bullshitter Tom Winnifrith. What was Ben’s crime? He wrote articles on the New World Oil & Gas so called ‘bear squeeze’ articles that Winnifrith published on his site shareProphets. Articles that the Hypocrite not only published but responded to and encouraged! Ben is or was an employee of shareProphets and shareProphets is? Winnifrith.

Ben was paid and sanctioned to write those articles by? Winnifrith. The mass hysteria whipped up by their publication has cost UK Investors/Traders literally millions of pounds!

I accuse Tom of market abuse. Unlike the Hypocrite I will not report him or shareProphets to the FCA. It is a low cur trick. One which I will not stoop too.

ShareProphets and Winnifrith are one in the same. Guilty of double standards and sheer bloody Hypocrisy. Now trying to distance themselves from the New World Oil & Gas Debacle. A debacle that we here were telling each and every one behind the scenes to stay well clear of. Poor Ben Turney has been thrown to the wolves as a sacrifice to keep the mob away from attacking shareProphets. Another bully boy  deceit.

The days of bully boy Winnifrith are coming to an end. I call upon all right minded individuals who are sick to death of this bully and bullshitter to hit the Crony Capitalist where it hurts. In his pocket.

1/ Unsubscribe from his spam email shots.

2/ Unsubscribe from shareProphets

3/ Do not click on his AdSense ads.

4/ Stay off his sites.

I call upon all listed companies to refuse to give this Hypocrite any more money for his shows. I know of many companies that pay the ‘Greenmail’ in the hope that cash keeps the Hypocrite away from attacking their companies. It is now time to take this fucker down. And down he is going!





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4 Responses

  1. Jim Corrin says:

    Are you interested in Corporate Corruption? I have information concerning the demise of Yell – Yellow Pages – renamed HIBU for the purpose of its destruction.
    It’s now over 3 years since the criminal act took place and we have exhausted all the proper routes and procedures including the SFO. Our formal approach has resulted in zero.
    I believe an IPO is being prepared to re-float Yell or Yellow pages.
    If you are interested in any further information please write to the e-address below, regards, Jim

  2. Ged Tavernor says:

    I would like to unsubscibe from shareprofits, but don’t know how, as there is no unsubscibe tag on their site, any usable advice would be more than appreciated. Cheers.