Tom Winnifrith Crony Capitalist Flip Flopper!

Crony Capitalist

The Biggest Crony Capitalist In London!

What an absolute cock Tom Winnifrith is. The self righteous hypocrite the man who has taken £100’s of thousands of pounds from London listed companies via his shareprophets seminars and UK Investor shows.  What is it when a crony capitalist pays Tom money to promote their piece of shit company such as RRR or any one of the dozens of stinkers that he trousers money from?  Tom spams peoples accounts with emails that he charges £100’s of pounds per email shot. He’s a hypocrite of the lowest order. A ramper or a deramper, a gun for hire who flip flops more times than an Asian flip flopping his way through the slums of Karachi.

It’s sheer Hypocrisy for a man who is receiving £100,s of thousands of pounds to come out and lecture me on taking or selling MY options. It stinks of pure jealousy. Or as some one recently said more bitter than John Smiths. Nothing more nothing less.

I have never taken one single penny from Tom Winnifrith, ShareProphets, David Lenigas, ADVFN or the great Jim Mellon. Tom has and continues to take Money from EVERYBODY AND EVERY COMPANY. I act on my own steam and make my own money through using my own research and my own work.

He is quite literally a double dealing nauseating bullshitter a man who has taken £1,000s of pounds from Sefton Resources in fees. Fees that he wanted to take in Sefton Stock at the 0.055 placing price! A vomit churning truth that will raise eyebrows. He writes such utter cock that my taking my Sefton options is in some way the act of a “Crony Capitalist” Tom Winnifrith is the biggest CRONY CAPITALIST ever to walk down the Clerkenwell road.

As for Sefton Resources. The company are in a fantastic position. Saved from certain death and trading with new life, a new CEO on the way and new producing assets. Of course it takes time for them to come  in, there are certain procedures that have to be undertaken. Such as not causing an RTO or making sure that the assets can be worked over etc. CPR’s have to be studied and most of all the new CEO has to sanction their purchase. Winnifrith keeps spouting such utter cock. Insinuating that these assets do not exist is laughable.

“Dan paid nothing for these shares”? Really? I paid £32,500 pounds I received £27,000 from Sefton net. Fact. I worked non stop for over 14 months using my own money in my own time to get Sefton to a debt free company with cash in the bank and totally debt free. Every share-holder who was facing total wipe out now has like me stock that has risen by up to 600% Fact. We shifted over $12million dollars of debt off the books. Fact.

Tom Winnifrith is a bitter man. Racked with jealousy. Fact




In for the spin.


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4 Responses

  1. catempire says:

    Dan well said “a hypocrite of the lowest order” a sell out a phoney and someone suffering a standard city case of extreme bitterness. I hope the walls and lessons of the late great Tom Winnifilth come crumbling down so no more half decent folk have to read or pay any attention to the s**t he spouts. Life cycles, hopefully his cycle of BS is up!!

  2. David Green says:

    I was going to say how disappointed I am with Tom Winnifrith, but his behaviour is so often pretty appalling. Sefton shareholders owe you a lot of thanks for turning things around and it’s remarkable what you achieved in a short space of time defying the skepticism.

    I wonder if the rewards Tom got for promoting companies worked the other way. I.e. Was he rewarded for deramping too by rivals, shorters etc? The thing that has been most strange was his incredible obsession with Quindell until recently, many hundreds and hundreds of articles. Was it just for hoped for kudos and reputation if it went to 0p which would boost his online and shows audiences or was there more to it than that given the sheer scale and length of time of his onslaught? Would be grateful if you have any insight on this mystery.

    Anyway, well done and thanks Dan with Sefton and calling out Tom’s hypocrisy, and best wishes for future special situations where you can apply your talents.