ShareProphets Ben Turney! Gotcha!

As most know I am boycotting the Crony Capitalist Hypocrites at shareProphets & strongly urge others to do so. Explained HERE.  As such I do not read what they write hence my belated response to yet another crock of shit that was emailed to me this morning. Apparently published yesterday!

The sacked Ben Turney and the Hypocrite Crony Capitalist that is Tom Winnifrith have now, in desperation, returned to an unholy alliance. I reported that Turney had been sacked in an attempt to put clear water between shareProphets and the disastrous almost comically named politically incorrect NWOG actiongroup leader Ben ‘safehouse’ Turney and his ‘bear squeeze’ campaign that failed miserably for the mob who ended up losing millions of pounds as the NEW SP crashed.  Once my story hit Mr & Mrs Flip Flop hastily sought solace back into each others arms. Better the devil you know eh!

Let me make it as plain as the nose on Pinocchio.  Ben Turney YOU ARE A BARE FACED LIAR. Now if you’d like to run along and seek help from a solicitor such as Pinsent Masons I’d be only too happy to rip you a new arse hole in the libel courts.

Turney phoned me on the evening of 11th May 2015 after speaking to Chris Oil asking Chrisy would he phone and ask if I’d take a call from him.  Later that evening Turney phoned. In that telephone call he attempted to enlist my help regarding New World Oil & Gas. Fact. I rebuffed him and told him that I was not interested and had no regard whatsoever for a man who reported little old ladies  (78yr old Judith Williams) to the FCA, the Disclosure panel and the AIM regulation. While encouraging others to do the same. Poor Mrs Williams has been subjected to an onslaught of horrid telephone calls and emails as well as voluminous guttersnipe articles. Not the way a sweet old lady of 78 years of age should be treated. A lady that has a heart condition. Shame on you Turney/Winnifrith. I believe Turney is what one euphemistically calls a born again Christian  a religious man. I specifically now know that Ben Turney is any thing but.

You, Ben Turney,  told myself in that telephone conversation (among many other things)that Tom Winnifrith had fired you. You told me that you were paid an average of £600-£800 per month depending on how many page views/clicks your articles generated. The article emailed to me today where you deny being fired is proof positive that you are a bare faced liar. You also told Chris Oil that you had been fired. For a man who professes to religious piety I find you Sir to be a man of low morality. That now begs the question if the ‘Happy Clappy’ religious Turney is prepared to publish such a blatant lie concocted with Winnifrith to try too ‘save face’ and publish it to thousands of readers then how can we ever  trust what he has written past, present & future? For that matter how many other ‘facts’ are in fact twisted lies on the shareProphets website?

As for the bullshitter and crony capitalist Hypocrite Winnifrith does he really think that we on the right side of integrity believe for one nano second that his Eden Moor Trust tax dodging Gibraltar financial vehicle is any thing other than a crony capitalist hiding his crony payments? “You can fool some of the people some of the time Tom, but you can’t fool all of the people ALL of the time” To state that he has not received a single penny from HIS seminars or any of the money making promotes he runs really shows people the cesspit of lies Winnifrith inhabits. You Sir are well matched with Turney. Two bare faced Bullshitters now having to reunite in an unholy alliance fighting a rear guard action against myself. Pathetic. I have not yet started Mr Winnifrith. And you more than any one know exactly what my ‘Investigative Techniques’ can produce.

Mr Turney believes in God. Unfortunately the truth is that he has now lied in a most despicable way to thousands of people.  When he stands before HIS God. it will be in shame.  Proverbs 19:5  A false witness will not go unpunished, And he who tells lies will not escape. A blatant attempt to shore up the shareProhets disastrous New World Oil & Gas pitchfork mob bear squeeze campaign. Which has left UK Investors bleeding to death after being spiked in the back. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some will go to try to cover up a simple truth which they believe shames them. “Yes I was fired but now we’ve agreed it was in haste” a truthful explanation would have basically been accepted and ignored by myself and others. The truth can never harm or be broken. The lie will always fail.   Your God sees allcropped-che31.jpg



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2 Responses

  1. catempire says:

    Dan –

    Tom is quite obviously a fooking knob, sly, snide money grabbing sellout and I think your saying just what everyone else with 1/10th brain thinks.

    I gave him and stuck up for his opinion a lot through the QPP & WRN saga thinking and believing in the twats integrity… Shit happens, I was wrong, he’s a bare faced lier.

    I’m not sure Bens part in all this is BUT go after the bad cat not the sap cat and be the smart cat not the mouthy cat.

    Trust me I’m all for it. Ile buy the DVD.

    It really dawned on me a few weeks ago how he actually folds his phoney opinion at the drop of a hat, changes it to the person paying the most money, pushes something’s more then others… The tosser is a complete and utter lier and one that costs half decent folk money.

    As you said in your article the otherday…. Hit him where it hurts, in his pocket, not on a blog playing tat for tat, leave him to play the tom knows FOOKING EVERYTHING ‘smerk’ . Let him lie, it’s what he’s good at don’t drag yourself down to his level!!

    You got my backing

    P.s your not begging for money so you can “save them from the unjustly financial death” – sherif BS 2015.

  2. catempire says:

    Just read Ben r’s articles on Share Pricks (as ya do) … No bloody wonder people are so skeptical of bens intentions what a fooking idiot…

    Oh well… The losers might not be rich or city (fake) popular but at least they have some NEW shares lol