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The SaveSure Consortium & Mr Daniel Levi

Sefton Resources Inc.

During the course of 2014 the SaveSure Consortium (Consortium) has monitored & tracked unfolding events at Sefton Resources Inc. (LON: SER). The aim of the Consortium was to consult leading City of London Financiers along with leading Oil Executives & businessmen/women on the potential for a change of direction and turnaround of Sefton.

SaveSure are a  Group of High Net Worth Individuals & successful, respected financial winners. Business people who have helped to finance and advise vis-a-vis a reversal of fortune for the Company. Over a considerable period we have at various times been in & out of negotiation’s with Sefton regarding proposals for a turnaround. Proposals that include new producing oil assets, a fresh management team, consisting of a current Chief Executive Officer of a respected leading London listed oil Company, another a leading FCA regulated Financier, both have agreed terms to take active management roles upon the lifting of the Bank of the West cross guarantee. Their track record is one of success.  New producing assets which are subject to Non Disclosure Exclusivity Agreements are also provisionally included in the turnaround strategy. Assets that are currently producing 250 bopd with a real potential to rise in excess of 800 bopd after workovers..

Hundreds of hours of costly Due Diligence involving meetings, conferences & flights to Asia, with the various interested parties, including face to face meetings with Sefton Directors, Nomad, financiers & stakeholders proposals outlining the proposed restructuring of Sefton Resources Inc. were agreed (delivered to the Nomad and the Board of Sefton on 18th January 2015) whereby the management of the Company be handed over to a sector experienced, high energy, action-orientated team to execute a turnaround growth strategy which is accretive for existing shareholders.  This structure is intended to align the interests of new management with share-holders & stake holders including the Bank of the West. A new Board with a temporary Executive (Mr Levi) will seek to position the Company as a consolidator of oil & gas assets in America and Asia, leverage off the multiple available distressed targets which represent a significant opportunity for acquisition. Various targets have been identified however these also, remain subject to confidentiality agreements.

Daniel Levi: I’d like to personally take this opportunity to thank SaveSure Consortium members, including Jim Mellon, for their help & finance but most importantly their invaluable advice and continued support.

The SaveSure Consortium: Sefton  Resources Inc. can be saved,  real  value  can be brought  back. We  call  upon  all  share-holders to get behind the proposals and back the  turnaround.


The SaveSure Consortium

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