Sefton Resources. Strategy behind todays RNS.

SERTodays news is the third phase of the strategy that will stand Sefton Resources Inc. (LON; SER) in good stead for the future going forward. Remember we can not run a Company on fresh air. Cold hard cash is king. Without finance no business is viable. A bitter sweet pill to swallow for some, for others a chance to breathe a sigh of relief that to all intents and purposes their stock which would have been worthless is now backed up by solid finance with board changes (Welcome to Clem Chambers) while new producing assets are being sourced. Sefton are roaring forward away from the dark years of failure.

Sefton are rising!

It’s never easy taking on a Company that was 24hours away from liquidation. SER had approx.’ $4,000 left in the till. That was it. I have personally used my own monies to keep the Company going, paying my own expenses and investing as much as I could as part of the initial emergency rescue placing on 3rd February 2015. I have also made an interest free $50,000 bridging loan which will help with the day to day running costs of a London listed Company. Wages, stationary, fuel, office, transport, utilities etc. All was in arrears and all has to be paid. Costs are being substantially cut. Savings are the order of the day.

Fortunately the days of largesse are now at an end. There are no more 5* hotels, London apartments, 1st class/business flights, hired cars, Michelin* restaurants, maid service, laundry bills or Vancouver fishing trips to name but a few of the shocking invoices discovered. The days of corporate greed are at an end at Sefton Resources Inc.

It is forward, pushing on into the future with a real scent of victory in the air.  Sefton Resources is now being run for the benefit of it’s share-holders and stake-holders. It is a unique story that has the potential to reward those that stay the course. There is much going on in the background that rules/regulations prevent me from disclosing.

Sefton are rising.

Daniel Levi  (Interim Executive Chairman)

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