Sefton Resources. Last Gasp Cash Grasp! Death Spiral Begins!

Sefton Investors woke up today to find that all that BMD was telling them was coming true. The Sefton Resources Death Spiral was finally admitted in today’s RNS. Just like yesterdays & all those that have gone before, the lid (Not to mention the wheels) is finally being prised off revealing the corruption, secrecy, lies & greed that runs through Sefton Resources. Corporate Jackals Messr’s Ellerton & Arleth are picking the carcass clean down to the bones.  The last gasp cash grasp. Exit left Jimmy & Karl

The CEO (Karl Arleth) & Executive Chairman (Ellerton) have yet again been releasing mis-leading information on BOPD data resulting in today’s RNS admission of an EFF draw-down. They knew that there was a massive dilution being perpetrated against the stock they’ve known for weeks. They knew that their own investors were being lead down the proverbial garden path by the incessant ramping RNS’s whose only reason for release was to ramp up the stock as it was being secretly dumped onto the market by Darwin Strategic.

Yes investors woke up today to the first tranche of yet another Dilution. Your stock is now diluted by 10.29% “It’s only 10%” I hear the BB Nutters cry. Is it? It’s actually 11.3% But we won’t split hairs with Jimmy Liar whats a % or 4? Cast your minds back to 2006 when the stock was consolidated from approx’ 2 billion shares down to just over 115 million. It’s now 570,686,720 million! That equates to close to another 500% dilution on 115 million but in real terms it’s close to 5000% pre-consolidation! Or to put it in simpleton terms for the BB Nutters in old Sefton pre-consolidation stock there would be over 10 billion shares in issue!

Jimmy boy has inflicted & is continuing to inflict a SUPER DILUTION on share-holders. Jim’s Smoke & mirror tricks are now legendary in the City of London & are now unveiled for all to see. That’s why the SP is at an all time low. Down from 95p to little over a penny. As Jim would say “In-line with our previous announcements” Oil Production is continuing to edge up. Really? Not according to California Division of. Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) H2 Oil production is GAURANTEED to fall way below H1. Smoke & mirrors? No just desperate lies.

Guess what? Today’s current figure of 570,686,720 is being diluted before your very eyes. Increased volume here is the tell tale indicator. In-Order to keep dumping stock onto unsuspecting investors through the EFF, DARWIN need a market to trade into so Sefton release RAMPY RNS’s along with Bullshit Hardman & Co paid for “Research” to try to create it. Shame on Hardman & Co. No mention of the $12 MILLION DOLLAR DEBT, 5000% SUPER DILUTION  or the $50MILLION DOLLAR FUNDING GAP for Dr Alis’ 3 year late still as of writing undelivered Steam-flood Project! Or indeed the 12 years of wasted capex, close on $30 million dollars. That’s why Hardman & Co research is about as useful as a knife at a gunfight!

“Surely the cash from the placing has loosened the noose?” With a cash-burn of approx, £200,000 per month, increasing debt, continuing super dilution, dwindling H2 production, bloated Boardroom pay & consultancy fees, personal expenses, Jimbo’s retirement expenses, $125,000 owed for Kansas abandoned wells, a $12 million dollar debt with $20 million dollars of wasted capex & a $50 million dollar Dr Ali Steam-flood funding gap then I’d say that the noose is firmly in-place. The question is who is going to kick the chair from under Jimmy Liar first? (Remember this has been going on for 12 years!) The banks, creditors, share-holders or the AIM Regulation team. The moment bills start to go unpaid then it’s all over.

Take a tip here get out & get out now!

There’s only one hope & that’s Join the Sefton Share-Holders Action Group.



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