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No Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Need to make the ads more prominent mate.

  2. Bernard says:

    What Password

  3. Mark says:

    Just want to add to Paul’s comment. Difficult to see the ads. I always try to click on them. Good luck.

  4. Jase says:

    I am a member but did not see the RKH password issued!!!!

    • Brokerman says:

      Apology we’ve got some problems of a tech nature with the timing button issuing drafts instead of the main featured article. Looks like there’s a bug in the system wordpress have confirmed this with me via their help-desk
      Should be back to normal soon, apparently I’ve left too many drafts on the system which need to be deleted to stop the feed-through cross over.

  5. J987 says:


    I get 2 emails 1st telling me an update is coming, 2nd telling me i must click on link and enter site, then use password.
    Click site say page not found… arrrgggghhhhh!!!
    This happens all the time. “TIME” something I dont like wasting.
    Come on Dan sort it out mate.

    • Brokerman says:

      I’m deleting drafts now to sort it out. What actually got posted was the draft from Monday which went out instead of the feature even though it wasn’t timed there’s a cross-over with the data being stored. Hence why i’m now deleting old drafts.


  6. James Allen says:

    Rockhopper won’t spike… its dropped 26% since you’ve posted this!

    • Brokerman says:

      It doesn’t say that RKH will spike. Read the article. It clearly states “remember that the whole Global economy is currently a blood-bath so even IF there’s a massive strike RKH will NOT spike as it should”.
      For the love of God read the article!