Exposed! The Multi-millionaire. Super-Injunction? SEE YOU IN COURT!

Exposed Christopher Holden lives in Bury Greater Manchester.

Welcome to the sick world of  Bury Grammar school educated Christopher Holden the 38-year-old North of England based Multi-Millionaire professional Trader who has over a considerable period of time posted disgraceful, abusive comments & sent abusive emails using a myriad of fake, false identities. One of Holden’s wheezes is to sign up the site admin for sexually explicit material.  I’ll just go through some of the known false emails and chat identities, (there’s just too many to list so I’ll write a dozen or so). Holden has 100’s of false accounts on ADVFN with screen names such as “ralph moat,Juniortopinfo, smellyjim, perthglory, Rob74son, bornos47, 1drtli, hectorpl2 & one which says it all about this online creep “bellend2” The creep has had a multitude of fake accounts on Interactive Investor, “Manic Miner” being just one of them & London South East “goinglikearocket” where he conducts his ramping or bashing operations depending on which position he has taken on a stock.

We managed to track, trace & monitor his activities over a considerable period of time helped enormously by the Nina Logan’s Facebook account which links directly to many of his family & friends indeed there’s even a picture of him on his wife’s Facebook account.

One identity which led to the unmasking was that of Nina Logans who contacted the site admin last year pretending to be an irate female. (What a sicko pretending to be a female). Holden had set himself up as a female trader with fake google email accounts and FINANCIAL CHAT SITE IDENTITIES et al!  (  various other email accounts were used, with different slants on the purported sex, ie female evaarmstrong, evaarmstrong444, ninalogans12, ninalogans123,  Holden has also used BT Email accounts and sends his abuse out via A BTINTERNET IP.

Now with this type of whacko you can bet that his abuse of our site is the tip of an iceberg. If you check his BTINTERNET ACCOUNTS & history just what would one find? The lunatic is a serial online nutcase who should be banned from the internet. Yesterday morning he was operating on ADVFN’S Xcite energy Board when a link to the up-coming article was posted  “Multi-millionaire to be exposed online in 24 Hours!” Holden then disappeared for over 4 hours to enlist the services of a solicitor (Aughton Ainsworth INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM FurnessHouse FurnessQuays Salford Quays Manchester M50 3XZ) who contacted the site admin threatening a Super-Injunction. We responded to them & passed it to our legal representative. Holden’s solicitor states that his client apologised for the comments in Feb 2011 & has not visited the site since which is a complete & utter lie. A quick check of his ip service provider history & logs will reveal the tissue of lies that Holden now seeks to maintain in an effort to deflect away from his nefarious online activities.

Holden is nothing more than the sum of his parts, A NASTY, DEVIOUS CHARACTER who has now been exposed online for all to see. As for his solicitor & threats of Super-Injunctions I say this to you directly; BRING IT ON!



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43 Responses

  1. Daniel Rosa says:

    Well done for exposing this guy….and as always Viva!

  2. Dan says:

    Hahaha brilliant. He sounds like a tool.

    This just goes to show that anything written on a forum by someone with less than 1,000 posts should probably be ignored immediately.

  3. Simon says:

    It’s spelled ‘lunatic’!

  4. Rnsr80 - an invester with his eyes wide open says:

    I don’t use this term lightly Dan but……..YOU ARE MY HERO!

    You are like a White Knight in a world of very Dark Knights like the scum bag above.

    Well done and thank you for the wonderful work you do with your blog. It is part of my daily routine and i look forward to joining your website subscription shortly.

    It somehow feels very appropriate to say Viva to what is certainly a move for the revolution!!

  5. MikeST says:

    Christopher Holden how interesting to meet you, got yourself a whole lot of attention now… I really can’t stand puerile bashers/derampers, pity we can’t get a proper good look at your face in that shot, probably lucky for you too.

  6. marcus says:

    well done dan !! if you need any help just let me know 20st prop forward ..wink wink. only joking i don’t want to be sued i would have to go back to a very hot country…

    well what a sad sad man ..I why don’t these sort of people get a life.

    I am sure if we where taken over by communist this sort of guy would be first in the qew to join the FSB ,KGB,


  7. splitinfinity says:

    As usual, nicely done. Keep up the investigative work.

  8. Dan (Not BMD) says:

    Hilarious! The guy is clearly mentaly ill… Sad really. A bit like Gorilla199 on youtube 🙂 lucid, yet clearly madder than a box of frogs.

  9. angela says:

    Dan also know as James Bond,if you look like Daniel Craig I will be in London tomorrow lol

  10. Matt says:

    exellent,brilliant,well done Dan

  11. stevie 1 says:

    I back this action 110% Dan , multiple id fake posters are ruining the share chat boards at the very least and more dangerously scalping the unwary small pi’s of money they can not afford to lose. Very questionable any bloke who creates and represents themselves as a woman ,most probably a dark yearning hidden in the somewhere. From the points put forward so far he counjours visions of that geeser out of the Rocky Horror Show, most probably was sat there in his missus underwear everyday.
    If I were him I’d be shitting myself right now as sure as damn it he’ll have rubbed quite a few up the wrong way……there’s a lot of old hands have put their stash into markets as way of forming ligit retirement funds…..these boys might be retired but still heavily connected and won’t take muppets like him fckn with their money.
    Knock knock Christopher

  12. Jack says:

    Lol this is some pretty decent detective work Sherlock, how did you get all those details like his ISP and address etc? I wonder what his beef is? No excuse for being such a plonker though…

  13. Hufc1908 says:


  14. Jess says:

    Well done again Dan

  15. Anonymous says:

    What was his handel on the xcite energy ADVFN thread please?

  16. Sarah says:

    God anonymous Its mulebraker

  17. andrew hill says:

    well done for that
    i love bluff calling

  18. John says:

    If Carlsberg made Traders Dan………you are the man.

    Well done mate …………Now hows Range Resources going to do this year!

  19. Adam says:

    I like this blog and I have followed this for many years now. My problem with this article is that I fail to see how this is useful for any private investor and only serves to satisfy your own personal differences with this guy.

    In essence, I couldn’t care less! This seems a little pointless, keep your attention on the articles you write which have gained you such a following.

    • Brokerman says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion.


      • Adam says:

        Of course I am and I glad you respect that. My point is that I hope you don’t get distracted by things like that which stops you from taking the time and energy required to produce the content for this blog. Sure, what this guy is doing is out of order but I’m sure people visit your site for your in depth analysis of predominantly the highlights the AIM market.

        Keep up the good work 🙂

        • Rnsr80 says:

          True – but any news about cleaning up the playing field while bringing us top info is fine by me!

    • Trading Identities says:

      Very useful article highlighting the activity of a serial confidence trickster, I was half expecting one of his id’s to include being a Dr.

  20. Sarah says:

    Hey did you know your millionaire investor story gets a mention on the Daily Telegraph?

    Check the link

  21. TOPINFO says:

    Never posted before but I read your blog with interest. You have gone up gone up in my estimations today by 190%, almost the same as HMV did in fact. What a sterling job you have done exposing this scum-bag for what he is. He has plagued ADVFN for years, and he does not work alone. So much so that he ruined one of the best threads on ADVFN , forcing us to set up a new thread (TOP TRADERS THREAD!!!, Ramp Ramp), where with the premium read/write facility I could ban him as he appeared with his new alias, and still does. He has stalked me personally for many years and despite numerous complaints to the relevant dept on the site, no positive action has ever been taken. You have done it and I commend you for your investigation skills. Nice picture as well, I will look out for him now at Old Trafford, if he ever shows his face again.

    One thing. Can you just clarify this for me please. He has on many occasions used various alterations of my username which is TOPINFO and has been for over 11 years on ADVFN and i.i.i. You mention he used Junior topinfo today on your blog and he has now used this today to try and defect blame and allege that it was my username involved, I suppose saying that Junior was one username and topinfo (i.e myself) another. Please clarify that for your readers please as I do not want this article (great as it is) tarnishing my good name and reputation, thank you.

    This is what he wrote on ADVFN today, using a new username of course.

    GOLDFEVERRUSH – 20 Jan’12 – 13:29 – 5802 of 5802


    Topinfo HA HA

    Here is a full list of banned and filtered usernames I have for him and his crooked circle of de-ramping friends and hope this helps in your quest to dig deeper and bring these clowns to justice. You will notice that often he takes usernames that are well established and trusted on ADVFN and aletrs them with same spelling but using zeros instead of the letter O, or vice versa . See below. Some of these names may look like others at first glance but on closer inspection letters are added or removed also to impersonate them and then start abusing others portraying to be that “official” and authenticated user.

    addis abbaba, anradu, BAM BAM Rubble, big gerry stephenson, binmandan Bonanza Grades, bonosr7, bozzy_s, bryanrobson7, citytrader 007 , citytrader007,
    clocktower Crapinfo PnD Liar, Crapinfo PnD Lier, crystalblue , daedlo, electrick,
    fitbug, francis39, gavapentin, giggswifewilltearyouapart, GOLDFEVERRUSH,
    Granada7, Hardie1961, Harley Earl of Oxford ,HarrrrrysBigDick,hatetrader,
    higgs boson, higgsino, IDidSay,investorsiba, jake lonergan, jermaine77,jocarson,
    John_Law , Junior topinfo, kidcharlemagne, Kinghorm23, Kondratief, Liquid_Bull,
    madghaffi ,magwash , mette lindberg, Mike111D, mildred49, miraget, montypunisher , morefourus, mr hangman, obbor7 , Omnitrix , pavsmommy,
    PFC30, Precious Little, r1zza, rico_suave, rob74son, robson1974 mk3,
    robson1974 mk4, robson1975 ,robson1976, rodozz, Sarah bin Palin, schrodingers_cat, Scott84, shiny1000, Snobtimus Shaime, Stalking Horse,
    stamply2, strickland jennings, T0P INF0, T0P INFO ,topliar, Trading_Chimp
    tritog, Tyb4lt, UKMassy

    Viva the Revolution, well done Dan. You are now Top of my Christmas Card list!!!

    • Brokerman says:

      Hello ,

      His “juniortopinfo” fake id is one word. This name has nothing whatsoever to do with your excellent thread on ADVFN. Which I might add I have visited on many occassions. Just hold your fire we have a big surprise for him in the near future.



  22. A Reid says:

    BMD, first of all let me say that I don’t always agree with some of your calls but this one re Christopher Holden is one I support 100%. I am a very experienced investor and as such don’t get sucked in by most of the rubbish ramping or de-ramping of stocks on BBs, but many who are young and new to this game will be taken in. It is part of the learning curve of trading and investment. What you have done will in the long term help these inexperienced guys no end and hopefully will make few others like CH reconsider what they post and how they live their lives. If he sues, well good luck. I think many will support your actions.

    Kind regards

    • Brokerman says:

      Experienced investors are needed for the new site. Join up and help with the research.


    • Martha says:

      Dan writes his views thousands click on to read them why would any one begrudge an individual his opinon even if it some times goes against theirs?Surely debate is good but abuse isn’t. These people such as holden are sick in the head they’re mentally disturbed if you ask me.
      Read Topinfos comments this guy has been at it for 10 years. Dans done a good job of lifting the veil on him we all now know who he is. I for one am gratefull. As a woman I find it disturbing that this man has been pretending to be a woman the implications of this are shockingly apparent for all to see.


  23. TOPINFO says:


    Cheers re your comments re thread on ADVFN.
    Regarding if he sues, I for one want to see this Scum-bag get his comeuppance and looking around the threads today on ADVFN, and i.i.i and others many hundreds do too, in fact I would say it would run into 1000s including your regulars on here. If he is as minted as you say then he will have an excellent Lawyer and therefore you deserve one too with what you have exposed that no-one else dare do or had the capacity or inclination to stand upto this kind of sick and immoral behaviour. I myself was going to take this Guy to Court over harassment but a certain site failed to supply me with any details, (data protection etc etc).
    If everyone shows support for your cause here then a token gesture of say just £10-£20 per person and that will give you funds to a decent Lawyer in the event that you require one. I will pledge you £20 now to the fund and I would encourage others to do the same and Im sure I can get you hundreds of similar donations and then you really can take this Guy to the cleaners if necessary!
    Keep us updated and the money will flow in rapidly if you need it. Best news I have had in ages this story today, and worth every penny to see him brought to justice and alot more in fact. Im 100% sure many others feel the same and will support you.


  24. Fiasal says:

    As a law student studying at Leeds uni I offer my services to you pro bono Dan.
    You obviously have a mountain of proof on this guy otherwise you’d not of stuck two digits up at his solicitor. First rule of law always ask a question that, A/.you already know the answer B/. You have the evidence to back it up. I don’t think his brief will be bothering you. Dan I suspect that you are an old hand at this game mate holding all the winning cards ie evidence.

    Well done


  25. kennyb says:

    Top quality work Dan,thankyou.

    May i take this chance to ask anybody who frequents advfn,do any of your boards get plagued by a certain pwhite1973?

  26. Biggleswick says:

    Well done. Another embarrassment to humanity gets carded! 🙂