JSG Debt Reduction.

I am a big fan of JSG. The board have worked wonders since the slump cutting a 240 million pounds debt down to just under 65 million and re-issuing  the dividend. Share-holders are certainly taken care of here with the share-holder discount voucher scheme.

After going ex-divi’ they seem to of hit a wall re’ the sp. However i can now inform the blogship that JSG are expected to announce further debt reduction on Sept’ 1st this year.

The sp at the moment is finely balanced any upward buying pressure will ignite an SP resulting in good gains here. Investors could do no better than to stick JSG on a watch; after all we have here!


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  1. dj says:

    Dan, I looked on interactive investor, and there were only 2 trades in JSG stock on Friday. I have never bought a stock with almost no trades before Can you tell me if that means stock would be difficult to sell out of? Also this was up at more than 400p in 2006. Any chance it could climb really high? Thanks for any pointers!

    • Brokerman says:

      No. There’s no chance of JSG getting to 400p. 50p is a realistic 12 month target.
      There’s no problem selling your stock.
      JSG are a slow burner however any upward buying pressure will force the sp to spike. JSG are hugely undervalued due to the recessional climate.
      Research them.


  2. dj says:

    Dan, any more thoughts on NPE? the price has fallen so far,from 182p to 137p in a week, but the press says Premier Oil is releasing more info on Thursday?