The multi-millionaire gets a solicitor!!! Super-injunctions THREATENED against the Blog!

Just a quick update here on this despicable character. We’ve just received an email from his solicitor threatening an injunction to stop the Blog from publishing his details. We’ve emailed them our response and re-directed them to OUR solicitors!






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No Responses

  1. kennyb says:

    Email name to me Dan …i’ll out the scumbag on twitter and facebook.

  2. Sola King says:

    Well done Sir Dan the Man.
    Please follow it through as much as without leaving any legal loophole that will be disadvantage to you or the blog in any way.
    Cheers, SK

  3. MikeST says:

    Crazy, what legal case (at all) can possibly be argued against the publishing of correct personal details, of an abusive SOB who has committed an illegal act – being threatening and abusive on a public forum??? Publish who he is and burn em!

  4. not required says:

    lol; excellent.. the rat runs for the gutter to avoid the light of day… typical. expose him dan 😀 – injunction indeed.. worked so well for Giggs.

  5. ChrisG says:

    Good on you Daniel – splat the rat !!!

  6. marcus says:

    hi dan apart from him being a nub is it worth it canrt you just ijnore him? life to short to waste on the look at iii

  7. Magnus Field says:

    Just publish BEFORE the injuction is granted.