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  1. Lt says:

    Hey Dan, will that be today or tomorrow? TIA

    • Brokerman says:

      Next 24 hours. Could come late today depends on the contacts confirming the information.


      • Lt says:

        Looks like someone took this as an opportunity to offload just over 2,000,000 shares. We are due news on A14 approval any day now. A13 should have a pump fitted in the next few weeks or so and if there is any sign of water then i can see Matra struggling to raise the next tranche of funding so let’s hope NH was right and that funding should be in place prior to A13 coming back online.
        Frustrating x 3!

  2. stuart says:

    not leaving this god forsaken share till at least 10p!!! 😉 i know …i’ll be retired!! if im lucky cheers feedthepony!!

  3. stuart says:

    GUST!!!!!..;) I can read LSE but been banned now 10 ban!! tosspots..sorry o/t here come on matra 3.5p average and been impaled for what seems like years!! hey ho there’s oil there somewhere just need a better form of numpty to get it out… keep the faith GUSTOMED RICH3R and all the other LSE faithful your time will LSE you’re a bunch of sad little jobsworth fekkers!! cheers all feedthepony!!

    • Lt says:

      LOL Stuart – Keep the faith? Nothin’ else to keep when it comes to Matra “no” Petroleum!!! Agreed re LSE – Pathetic!

  4. angela says:

    Dan can i feed my kids or shall i wait more for the password, thanks…!!!!!



  5. CaveatEmptor says:

    Hi Feed,

    Can you not join LSE under a new name?