Premier Nautical Encore.

What did you say the share price is ?

Weather watcher?

You’ll all recall how the blog foretold the news about how these three company’s were destined for greatness.

Well it seems with all the news we have passed on that things here have come to a lull news wise that is. Premier’s share price has slowly trended up as the whisperings of takeover and increased production begin to slowly gather momentum. I’ve held Premier through thick and thin since they were sub £10 and have been tempted many times to sell them however the urge has been resisted (with great difficulty) and I must say that time has proven to be right.

Nautical are in a similar situation to the way Premier were several years back there’s no doubt that as foretold here that they are destined for great things and are well on course to becoming a major player in the UKCS. Their sp has increased many-fold since we first highlighted this company. The many years of planning and preparation by the Nautical’s board has now began to bear fruit. They look set to reach£6/7 in the not so distant future.

Encore are my favourite at the moment mainly because they have a strategy in place that will in the short-term bring home the bacon. There will not be years of angst as their sp bounces around, up, down and sideways. As you’re all aware they are actively seeking takeover/asset sale. Make no mistake Encore will have had approach’s and will be discussing which road to go down. As their top man stated,  “we may not be here next year” so with the current lull in news we await a lull in the weather which suggests to me that once this rig gets underway then it is game back on, with all the excitement and drama about to unfold here only a fool would sell!

Hold your nerve.  the weather will break!



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  1. Danny says:

    Hi there, would you reveal what you got these at Dan ? Thanks Danny

    • Brokerman says:

      Run with the hare? I don’t run with hares or hounds I merely responded to the weight of twitter/email requests for why the sp was acting as wildly as it has been. By posting the city and internet rumours on the blog. If you interpret the last post as a buy rec’ then you are mistaken. The blog never rec’s any buy or sell. I don’t like Desire and would never recommend them as a stock to research. Far too dangerous a stock. However I do wish Desire investors good luck. It’s called being a decent human being!


  2. Alex says:

    Hi Dan,
    The Betty Knutsen was out at sea for about 35 hours yesterday, and was heading towards the Bentley field. But it is now back morred in the Shetlands.
    I worked out it was probally a 25hr round trip to the Bentley area and back.
    What time frame is required to run flow tests?

    Do you know if 10 hours is enough time to dock with the rig and complete them, or do you think it turned back prematurely?
    Weather Conditions effecting this 1 too?

    I know patience is a virtue……but I have a t20 to pay!


  3. N says:


    From what I have read Betty returned to Lerwick because they coudl not get necessary flow test engineers out to ON due to the weather. Apparently it is cheaper to return tanker to shore than to keep it out at sea.


    • Alex says:


      • N says:

        That’s a very helpful reply Alex. So do you think that they have already flow tested, loaded teh tanker and that’s why it’s returning to port? I think that ius very very unlikely.

        • Alex says:

          As I said in implied in a previous post…..I am clueless to how long a flow test will take, Im new to the game and only have 5 months experience on the market.

          Although 10 hours seemed like a short time XEL have said in previous RNS, they were only taking the tanker out there “for environmental reasons”. Due to them not wanting to flare the oil, like normal. Due to this I thought that 10 hours COULD have possibly been enough, as they may not have wanted to fill the tanker to its full capacity, but just enough to get sufficient flow data.

          When “Betty” brought her sweet ass home early I was surprised….but hopeful.

          Where’d you get the info on the engineers?

  4. Aj says:

    Hi Dan,

    Hope alls well. I remember you noted sometime ago on your blog Bowleven Plc, well they recently announced two potentially transformational oil and gas discoveries at the Sapele-1 exploration well, which they’re drilling in the Douala Basin, offshore Cameroon.

    There are two main targets left to drill in the well including the main target the Cretaceous Epsilon Complex, which could potentially hold 3.7 billion barrels of oil. The current target though is called the Cross-cut event which the company are currently drilling into and noting today’s large volume and price movement one wonders if there is already a sniff of further black gold?

    I also noted this morning that Global AEGON Asset Management Group had increased their investment in the company to 5.95%.

    The share price this morning is up nearly 7% or 23 pence and looking closely at the trading this morning there have been some very substantial and significant buys coming in.

    Please see below –


    Total value £2,357,557.30

    So potentially exciting times ahead and the well is due to reach total depth before Xmas.

    Going onto Xcite Energy another favourite of mine and the good blog here… I also noticed some nice buys on Xcite Energy this morning as well. It’s interesting the company Xcite Energy have taken steps to ward of any potential hostile takeovers as per yesterdays RNS. The board of Directors must see some significant value to come.

    Keep up the good work as always.



    P.S Very nice to see Rob is invested in BLVN!