“The Toxic Two Kill New” New World Oil & Gas lose AIM listing!

Troll Bullivant

Walter Mitty. a.k.a Gary Bullivant.

logo_smlCongratulations to the self confessed Drug Dealer Ben(t) Turney, Gary Bullivant and the idiots who supported them. They are directly responsible for the loss of the New World Oil & Gas (LON: NEW) AIM listing. Which was announced today read HERE. For months they’ve been making wild unfounded allegations of fraud, money laundering and criminality behind the scenes to AIM regulation, The FCA, the Nomad, USA authorities, The Press and to NEW shareholders. The Big Sofa deal collapsed under the weight of these wholly unfounded malicious allegations. Their plan was to try to gain a seat on the Board of NEW and self enrich themselves with share holder cash.


Drug Dealer. Internet Troll Scumbag Turney

It has cost the Company its AIM listing and over $100,000 in solicitors, investigation and administration fees alone to discover that the conspiracy theories alleged by ‘The Toxic Two’ were without any foundation whatsoever. My sympathies go out to all genuine shareholders but in particular to Adam Reynolds, who like Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges have had to deal with and clean up the mess caused by their malicious lies and deceits which Turney/Bullivant and their minions have fed to regulatory authorities non stop for over 12 months.

The corrosive effect of this has taken it’s toll! Ergo no Nomad will touch the Company. Roland Cornish would have stayed on as Nomad sadly the amount of wild allegations and abuse Mr Cornish suffered meant that he was no longer prepared to stay as Nomad. Just as their bombardment of deliberate lies and deceits helped to kill Teathers and Sefton Resources. Their modus operandi is always the same, target struggling minnow companies and use other peoples holdings to try to get themselves on the gravy train. Turney is pot less and couldn’t afford a toffee apple so he deceives desperate shareholders with wittering’s of share holder activism which always end up one way. Total failure and monetary loss for those stupid enough to give him their proxy.

Turney fled the UK in 2010 from creditors and washed up in Sweden. You can read all about his drug dealing HERE. Bullivant is a Walter Mitty type character who was a British army officer involved with the Intelligence corp. Which explains why the man is completely wrapped up in a world of deluded conspiracy theories.

Adam Reynolds is one of the few corporate good guys who work non-stop to bring value for shareholders. His deal flow is amazing. Today he must be ruing the day he ever got involved with ‘The Toxic Two’.









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6 Responses

  1. Topdog says:

    Disgraceful. Turdey has now formed yet another NWOG action group. This will be his third, or as I see it his Turd. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Doc holiday quote “New are the share of the year” clueless imbecile.

    How do u like my pic profile Dan?

  2. Nasher says:

    These two are as you say “toxic”. Turney, well known now as one of a group who constantly pump pissy companies. How many failures is it now Bennyboy? Over 30 and just whose lost the mullaooh? Why every desperate muppet who swallowed the scumbags lies.

  3. OfficerJoe says:

    I’ve lost £3000. I left the NWOG action group. It’s a joke. Ben Turney is only interested in using people to pursue his own agendas, which invariably are, he always wants to get on the Board as a director to rake in director pay and expenses.

    He’s a charlatan. Bullivant is no better. The Teathres fiasco is yet another example of just how badly Bullivant and Turney always get it wrong. Turney voted against Bullivant. Bullivant is now at loggerheads with Turney.

    The Teathers app isn’t going any where. I recently spoke to Jason Drummond who explained why they had so many “Teething problems” with the app. It is as they say in London “Pony & Trap” crap.

  4. James1 says:

    New world will never relist. It’s all fucked now. I sold out for a pittance. Turneys involvement meant that the writing was on the wall. He’s failure personified. The guy’s a nasty lying shit. Company’s house shows the extent of his failures.

  5. Doc Holliday says:

    What a lot of hot air. Gary bullivant and Ben are the epitome of integrity and intelligence. Ok Ben may smoke cannabis or pop a few pills now and then but it doesn’t mean anything it’s recreational use.

    Gary is a distinguished officer who is an MBE. That in itself proves he’s a man with honesty

  6. Andrew Shubrook says:

    This person is a loose cannon – totally without any scuples – a spent force who in his retirement is nothing more or less than a pathetic pensioner continuing to cause havoc in ordinrary peoples lives.He needs someone to put a stop to his malicious tendencies.