Net Asset Value Calculator site. Check it out.

I was  going through the comments section this morning when I came across a comment from Spidy. Spidy rather cheekily tried to get his link into his comment. Now this triggers the spam filter, for obvious reasons we can’t have links hither and tither unless that is they actually help private investors. On further perusal I discovered that Spidy runs I checked it out and low and behold it’s quite a very good site. With many applications all free for the subscriber.

Dynamic Calculations

  • Share Price
  • Exchange Rates
  • Commodity Prices

Account Management

  • Holding
  • Profit & Loss
  • Capital Gains Tax

Community NAV’s

  • Create your own
  • Private NAV’s
  • Public NAV’s

Check the site out by clicking this link.

The moral of the story is that some times brazen cheek pays off.

Excellent site Spidy.





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No Responses

  1. Nibor says:

    Thank you, Dan. is indeed an excellent site.

  2. Spidy says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just checked my BMD RSS feed and seen your post! I am pleased to hear you like the nav calculator site.. Although it is still a work in progress (As is your new site) I have created a few sample NAVs for GKP, MXP & RRL.

    I disabled user registration as there is still some work left to do. It was originally created for GKP (Original GKP NAV: and after the reception it got from PIs I decided to do a multi company site where users could create their own NAVs

    Your post has made me decide to finish the site and open up registration once and for all…

    Many thanks

  3. Dan says:

    Great site. Thanks spicy and Dan . Glad mxp are on, my 2nd largest holding and number 1 most frustrating share . Keep finding oil