Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. The Butterfly Syndrome.


It’s a funny old world. Rumours of oil flowing at Nostra Terras’ first Verde well,10 million barrel Bale Creek play and Further asset buying  fueled yesterdays and todays spike in sp. So just what’s going on? It seems that dear old Matt Lofgran is on the missing list and can not be reached or more likely could  he be keeping his own counsel due to market sensitive data about to be released? Or could the board be busily making more deals with cash from the recent placing and the £10 million SEDA facility in place? (It is £10 million forget the £5 million that’s a polite way of breaking the news gently). Has all this cash gone to Lofgran’s head? After all he always replied to emails from investors. Not so now! Will the putative Nostra emerge as a beautiful butterfly?

I rang around for some views and I’ve even emailed Lofgran asking him several questions which as yet remain un-answered. The main one being Can you confirm or deny the rumour that the first Oklahoma drill in Bale creek is targeting up to 10 million barrels? As of yet there’s NO reply.  Of course it could just be mere rumour and market gossip but then again it’s certainly worth further research. There’s something afoot here!

Eyes on Nostra. Looks like there’s movement of a kind.



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  1. Paul D says:

    Interesting, but whatever happened to the MTA update you were going to give??

  2. Lt says:

    Dan, Matra are a tight ship! They couldn’t even leak oil never mind info!!

  3. PI says:

    whats happening with EO. you havent spoken about it for a long time mate

  4. miopus says:


    “Meldrewmark” is being a right little shit on

    I seem to have stirred him up a little too much ……

    “I was the one who saw through him and exposed him.

    In case you are unaware he set Carter Ruck, the top libel lawyers onto me when i exposed him.

    They declined to take the case on his behalf.

    He is a charlatan who is doing this purely for his own interest.

    i have all the mails saved and am still building a case against him.”

    • Brokerman says:

      Hi Miopus. He’s a complete nob. Ignore him he’ flogs double glazing/ windows for a living and pretends he was an ex police officer.
      (It was Schillings actually) He shat his pants and disappeared. Tried to cosy up for inside info then went all weird when he couldn’t get any.
      A real whacko
      Becareful he gets besotted just one of the whackos who post sick comments on the Blog. Got his home address and works telephone number. One day I may use it to expose him.