Inside or out? Advice sought.

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Thoughts gratefully appreciated.

Advice needed by Brokerman Daniel

I have been offered a PR consultancy contract by an AIM listed mining company. This raises serious questions regarding the way the Blog operates, which as you all know is run anonymously. If I was to take up the offer I would have to declare and make a full disclosure regarding the Blog and the new web-site.( Which is still under construction).

So the question is do I come in from the cold or stay outside  of the mainstream?

I would appreciate subscribers thoughts on this.



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  1. Adam says:

    How about letting me do it under your supervision? I am the online marketing king.

    Then you can stay outside and just pop in when you want..


  2. jason dobson says:

    If it is TMC – take it…they need all the PR possible – horrendous communications with pi’s

  3. Kev says:

    Y do u need to run it anonymously anyway?

  4. No , you shouldn’t take this up ( although as attractive financially as it maybe ) .

    Everyone on here follows you becuase of your unbiased opinions and non-affiliation.

    If you had to go ahead , then you will lose alot of subscribers and people will not pay
    much attention to you news ( believing it could be a PUMP )

  5. Big Boss says:

    What mining company is it Dan and how much is it worth?
    If it’s good money then take it fellah. You deserve it
    Top Blog Top man.

  6. CP says:


    If you have to change the way you write then it changes a very successful formula. Obviously it’s a personal choice of yours but if taking up the post means not being able to present the info the way you have been doing for so long it’s certainly a retrograde step. It’ll no longer be what readers expect – that is unadulterated info from Dan the Man !!

  7. Mase says:

    I dont believe you run the BMD Blog or site for the money, I dont belive you need to take the contract for the money so it down to the enjoyment short and long term you would get from each one, but you may be at a juntion where a decision is to be made. Based on the growth of the Blog, in terms of Visitors in the last 12 months and the potential for the next 12 i think you would be crazy toi persue a short term contract instead of building on what you have here. ALl the best in your decision.


    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks for that. I want to get the new site up and running. As I believe there’s a real need for a platform that actually goes out of its way to help private investors to research and form opinions based on genuine facts/research. The problem is that to actually source information takes time building up contacts and good will etc. I love the Blog because of the way it operates and genuine investors/subscribers know that deep down its run as an assist for research there’s no money whatsoever in it any thing raised has gone to Help4heroes and subscribers etc. The new site will have a page dedicated to Building a school in Africa we do have 10k ring-fenced to start the campaign. It’s always good to give some-thing back. If I became involved with a listed company then time spent working for them is time lost but I also need to work for a living.

      • Barno99 says:

        You must come first Dan…Income takes precident over us bunch of miscreats…Take the job,out yourself and keep blogging within the parameters laid down by the stock exchange..Filthy luchre wins everytime..Viva!!!

  8. Grant Bell says:

    You gave us a tip on Diamondcorp, and I took your advise.
    If it come to pass that Diamondcorp reach 30p soon, as you predicted, then stay where you are cos your amazing, if they don’t then your not very good and might as well go LOL.
    I think you’ll be staying put!

  9. Stu says:

    Take it, for now, it’s only going to get colder out there.

  10. rob says:

    what would Che do?

  11. ladyboy1 says:

    hi its all about one thing . money which ahs the best prospects your website or a aim company and i am a great beliver in gut instinks ,better to of tryed doing something for yourself than being a cog

    good luck which ever way you go

  12. Shrimpo1 says:

    It really is a commercial decision that only you can take. However, you may be able to have your cake and eat it by including a clause in any contract that you would not be able to promote them (the mining company) on your blog. That way you maintain your independent integrity, whilst they can still draw on your market/analytical expertise through a PR/investor relations programme applied across many different media. A ‘win-win’ situation for both parties!

    Good luck.

  13. Barnstonpickle says:

    You could always take the pr job & pass on the Blog to some one else?


  14. SolaKing says:

    I would say, stay out in my humble opinion. It is not worth it, except you enjoy the benefits of being an insider but you will be gagged – (no more freedom of expression). From the little I know about you though, you like your freedom. Make your choice.
    Cheers, SK.

  15. Avalon says:

    Hi Dan,
    It’s great to have you 100% on OUR side but this could be a life changing opportunity for YOU & this IS YOUR life!
    So……………. YOUR decision!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ginster says:

    First rule of PR; make sure anything you publish is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes… might seem like an insignificant matter but if/when you are officially representing a brand or company, mistakes in written English are seen as a sign of a total lack of attention to detail and effort to get it right. Worth remembering 😉

  17. John says:

    Hi Dan

    Makes little difference to most readers. What most people are interested is the content. Nobody cares too much is probably the honest answer! good luck.


  18. GKB says:

    Full disclosure is all you need to say, IMO.

  19. Paul Swift says:

    Go wherever you can do the least damage!

  20. Ted Laramar says:

    Hi Dan I work for London Commodity Brokers. I recently signed up for your Blog and I think it’s terrific. It would be a shame for you to let it lapse. A colleague of mine recently gave your blog a huge thumbs up.
    I’m impressed and so are lots of other Brokers in the City your Blog gets picked up and has a large following in London and beyond. It would be a travesty for it to disappear. Stick with it after all is said and done the pr contract is singular and will only benefit you to the tune of 30/40k per year>thats the usual going rate as you will obviously know, then there’s tax to be paid. Now if you had lets say 10/15 of these then I’d say run with it
    You’ll only clear about 25k after tax.
    Superb blog long may it last
    Ted Laramar

    • Susan (Citi Bank) says:

      I second what Ted’s written.
      I work in the city of London too. There’s always at least 3 or 4 screens showing your blog when a post is issued. Take the RKH blog you told investors something that was priceless. This kind of research is worth its weight in gold. You’ll always get the mad hatters posting gunk, I read the rubbish being posted on LSE and some of the other financial sites there’s no one on there actually posting and getting it right. It’s all rubbish and acrimony. At least here Dan PI’s get good opinion and that my friend is what it’s all about.
      Decline the job

  21. CD says:

    I would try to do both and have it written into your contract with the company that you would be working for that your site will never mention its name come good or bad news! Cheers

  22. Angela says:

    Hi dan just go with it you have all my support from the deep of my mta loss…..;)

    Good luck from Italy my friend


    God bless Dan the Man….;)

  23. Jason says:

    Hey Dan,

    my nan is a medium and she had a chat with Che, he said the following:

    “se elevan como los leones después de dormir en el número de invencible, agitar sus cadenas a la tierra como el rocío, que en el sueño había caído en que – ustedes son muchos – que son pocos “- ¡Viva la revolución!”

    You really should listen to him, keep up the great work!

  24. Philip says:

    Do what is best for you and yours, the rest of us will get by.

  25. Craggy says:

    Hi Dan,

    Lurk in the shadows and keeping making us money..

    Any news on Bezant sale of mankayan or rumours on a take over

  26. Dan says:

    Stay outside the mainstream dude. You are more believable, and edgy that way. And I guess thats why people like your blog, dont sell out. I think your website is starting to hit a tipping point, who knows where it will go then. Good luck.

  27. Nibor says:

    The best advice must surely be your own excellent advice: do your own research, do a cost-benefit analysis, do a DCF-analysis based on probablilties and the most timescales and time-horizons that are important to you. Then do what is best for yourself as the principal investor in your own future.
    Your cost-benefit analysis will doubtless include items already mentioned by your fans including, of course, the importance of ethical values, promoting “the cause” and maintaining your moral and professional independence versus the importance of potential stability and/or increase in income.
    We all love your blog, Dan. That’s why we’re here, so you can be certain we will all hope you decide to keep your blog going with as few changes as possible. But it must be your call – it is your investment in life.

  28. paddy says:

    I would say you’d have to choose one or the other. To run both side by side would be a big con flit of interests from both sides; How would the new company feel about you bogging up some of their direct competitors? Also how would the PI community see your supposed lack of impartiality anymore?

  29. paddy says:

    I would say you’d have to choose one or the other. To run both side by side would be a big conflict of interest from both sides; How would the new company feel about you bigging up some of their direct competitors? Also how would the PI community see your supposed lack of impartiality anymore?

  30. miopus says:

    I am trying to unselfishly advise you. I love your blog so much because it is like no other one. It is distinct, different and unique, and written in such as way as to be personal, and not too difficult for us ordinary not too financially astute average bears. If you could find a way of also doing this blog as well as the consultancy work it would be a bonus for you and for your blog readers. Can you get some legal advice ?

  31. joseph says:

    simple , tell em why on earth would i want to do that ???????????

  32. Oli says:

    Do what is best for you. It all depends on your circumstances. I have always pictured you as an old guy with money to invest, with good contacts in the industry, a glass of whiskey on the table, pipe and slippers on and scanning financial papers 🙂 I believe you have our best interests at heart, sometimes get a little carried away, and have been unfortunate with some recommendations (mta, sle, roxi, xel?) but everyone invests at their own peril. (I’m going to wait until mta come good dammit!). Anyway, do whatever brings you the most happiness. If you don’t need the money, do the blog, if you need the money, do the job.

  33. Dan says:

    Dont do it . Your blog is priceless . Money is not the be all. Always do what you enjoy, life is too short mate . If you really wanted to do it, you wouldn’t he asking ! Best of luck in whatever you decide .

  34. Spidy says:

    Dan you need to get a team of guys n gals working for you helping do research and doing more posts. You need the cream of the crop analysts to make this site bigger and build a user generated place for people to go.

    Don’t sell out unless you have a plan to donate the money to your reader 😛

  35. Mark Mallinder says:

    Provided that you sign a contract which prohibits you from talking about their shares in your blog, I can’t see why it should be a problem to do both.

  36. paul says:

    Always do what’s best for you, and what makes you happy. The rest of us will improvise, adapt and overcome.