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No Responses

  1. johnson says:

    what has happened to your mta blog?

    • Brokerman says:

      I need to get the bloody company to respond. 23 telephone calls and 16 emails I’ll get them in the end hopefully this week.


      • Lt says:

        That’s Matra for you!! An update would have been good. Are they attempting a cement squeeze on A12? Is the workover rig still on site? Any clues would be good eh? Since they know A12 can produce circa 1000bopd why don’t they re drill the well say 50metres away surely they know the size of the sweet spot? That would be guaranteed oil no? They could call it B12 or A12.5!!!! I think we should nominate a retired PI or equivalent and all chip in for the flights etc and we could have our own spy on site. Or just wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait…………wait!

  2. Cal Henny says:

    What d’you think will happen to the sp of other small oilers like EO and SLE? They all seem to be down a similar amount since the highs around April time…