Encore Oil. News flash. RNS Alerted.

American Leak Detection


Markets are expecting  “More good news” as a follow on from Encore’s Cladhan drill. I can’t nail it down as it’s what is known here in the city as Raw Data; ie speculation. Leaks.

Though i note that Nautical are also on the increase on a combination of upgrades and expectation on Catcher/Kraken.

Could be that news on Encore is being linked to Nautical/Sterling,Wintershall/Premier just to many partners to pin down.

Rns alerts have been placed on Encore, Nautical & Premier could be a press leak expected over the weekend which if happens would force one of the above to release information.

As to what may or may not be in that information take a guess?


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  1. mary says:

    thanks Dan for your continued update on encore, a lot of people owe you gratitude, wish l could buy you a big cool pint.

  2. FTAlphaville says:

    Have been checking your twitter followers/tweets.
    one of the main heads @ FTAlphaville;;;Neil Hume is now following your tweets and posts.
    Interesting eh Danny?

  3. Sheila says:

    I am always grateful for the updates and if you lived near me I certainly would be buying you a pint or two perhaps champagne. Many thanks Dan.

  4. IAN BEATTIE says:

    Thanks for your posts Dan! Much appreciated!


  5. Andy says:

    Keep up the good work Daniel – for every loud mouth sounding off on the chat rooms, there’s a hundred of us quietly grateful for your efforts…..

  6. TraderBoyBow says:

    Thanks for the free blog, managed to have some successfull trades in EO and NPE lately.

    Will you be covering Serica Energy in more detail soon? You mentioned it very briefly in your “Oil Companies to watch!” post. Looks like one overlooked and undervalued oiler, especially as they are drilling two wells back to back and the first field they are testing could have at least 200 mmboe.

  7. plus says:


    Can you give me any more oil shares or mining companies to look out for?? Or links where i can get some good information.


    I like the high risk??