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Yes “there’s no place like home” as Dorothy used to say. Bad news yet again on the Global economic front has over the last month or so pushed investors to the brink of madness. The banks are under immense strain as the Global crisis stutters from pillar to post. The hatches have been battened down by the markets and positions have been taken. There are some terrific bargains out there for the canny and bold!

However it’s more woe with angst for Matra with yet another piss poor update. I can understand why holders are so angry and frustrated it seems to be a never-ending problem. Doubts creep in and one begins to question whether ones sanity has lapsed! What would be interesting here is to find out Deleks reasoning and thoughts on this continual water problem which has dogged Matra for the last several years. Investors can’t go on like this it’s bad for the mental health as well as ones portfolio! I’m still holding quite a large chunk of stock and will continue to do so. My main reason is that some-where along this terrible water plagued drill the company will get it right! They do actually have oil which is a game-changer and once it’s correctly extracted then confidence will quickly return. Investors are a forgiving bunch.

I will be speaking to the company this afternoon.



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  1. Richard says:

    That’s the key, Dan. The Oil is still there. I am buying some more.

  2. JP says:

    Dan, I have been away from my investments for a couple of weeks (still reading all relevent RNS etc……..what is the story with Range, how come they dropped so much on what I can only see as good news recently regarding Trinidad and Putland. Is it investor confidence or are we being plagued by the dreaded market makers


  3. MikeST says:

    What do you think, is it possible/realistic to speak directly to Delek and get an opinion from them…?

  4. Rosalimacat says:

    Hi Dan
    How do you read BZT RNS ,and what do you think the end game price will be.
    Regards Steve

  5. joseph says:

    thanks do your best dan,at least they have got the rig on site many unhelpful things to say about this lot,couldnt run pee ups in brewerys etc,but i wont……………. continue to hold and pray.

  6. Dan says:

    Dan, max petroleum start their game changing deep drills in a few weeks, could you run a story on them please ? They have hit oil on almost every shallow well this year – despite the share price halving!