Range Resources. What a bargain!

PDC bit for well drilling

The bit between its teeth. Range!

Following on from the mass of emails regarding the inherent value in Range, today’s announcement can only help the company with their first drilling success in Trinidad. Range have As part of the initial 21 well drilling program discovered the presence of “roughly 145 ft. of net oil pay in the shallow Forest Formation, an established producing horizon on the block. Casing is currently being run in the well in preparation for production testing next week.”

It will only get better and better for investors as this campaign evolves. The obvious fly in the proverbial ointment is of course the current Global uncertainty. However those companys that continue to perform well (and Range are expected to be one of them) will as of common sense steady their sp and rise on the upturn. There’s masses of good news in the pipeline as you’re all too aware. The recent fall to 7p looks like it was a terrific buying opportunity that was to all intents and purposes missed by the vast majority of PI’s. Myself included. Although I never sold and continue to have full confidence in Range. It’s all about basing your investments on the fundamentals of the company. Just because the USA and Europe are making a pigs ear of their economies shouldn’t sway you from your belief which is based on good fundamentals here. Another riser against the current tide.

Stick with your gut feeling as it should be based and fortified by why you invested in the first place!





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  1. Moneylender says:

    Keep up the good work Dan. I got into Range Friday at 9p and consider myself lucky to take advantage of this opportunity.

  2. rafa says:

    Great opportunity indeed Dan. Don’t forget mxp too

  3. provestor says:

    How about Aminex dan? Could you give an update as of when they relase an rns to the market?

  4. Ann Chance says:

    can you spare a few words on the plight of the Encore shareholders. Asset off-load or otherwise, the general malaise in the market cannot surely explain 1.20 down to 37p drop. Thoughts and of course whether the directors will indeed find themselves attending this year’s AGM. Many thanks

  5. Macthe Knife says:

    Great call on Rocky Dan. I bought in yesterday after reading your blog sold today making a stonking 8.3k.
    I love you Dan.
    Just need MTA to come through and you’ll be a god


  6. Nibor says:

    Looked into RRL on the way down, prompted by your comments, Dan, and am very happy to have bought at 10p. Thanks!