Oil Sector news.

The new year is expected to get off to a good start in the E+P oil sector. Hardy (which are rebounding as we speak) are expected to claw their way back up out of the recent doldrums. Sterling now that the consolidation has taken place have a drilling note/target of 200p, whisper is that as the drill progress’s Sterling will climb. There are murmurings that 2010 will see significant mergers and acquisitions in this sector. GKP are at the top of this list.  (Border +Southern petroleum are one to watch through out 2010)

Most of the small E+P aim stocks with  good criteria/fundamentals are capable of gains through out 2010. One to stay clear of is Nautical petroleum which has consistently disappointed the market as has woburn energy which is a reincarnation of another infamous oil stock that led investors a merry dance. All in all oil/banks are where the gains are to be had in 2010

The notes being circulated on this sector paint a rosy picture as the Global recession turns the corner, remember that UK plc are lagging behind in the recovery that is currently being touted. As for a double dip the likely hood recedes as each month passes. China/India/SouthAmerica are all reliant on oil and have  thirsty economies that need to be supplied. This is where the global recovery will gather momentum.

Bears are on the run. Bulls are in the ascendency.

Merry Xmas


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  1. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas Dan and a prosperous New Year to you and all your family. Bestest, Jenny.

  2. miopus says:

    You are working too hard Dan ! Relax – enjoy your Christmas holidays. On behalf of the great unwashed, thank you for thinking of us and helping us daily.

    See you again in 2010 !!

  3. MrFluffy says:

    Thanks for all your efforts.
    Have a Very Merry Christmas and New Year.

    Mr F

  4. leesbillbob says:


  5. bededrill says:

    cheers for your postings Dan , happy new year

  6. Oaksy says:

    Hey dan where abouts are you what part of the globe are you on this holiday. Not Kurdistan by any chance?


  7. Robert O says:

    Hi Dan
    Hope all is well in SAUDI and you are enjoying yourself!!!!!!
    What is on your wish list for 2010?
    Is it GKP to go into production & drill remaining wells??
    SAM to go berserk?
    Your blog to become even more popular??. I think its fair to say
    its (currently the hot ticket in town)!!!!
    all the best for 2010

  8. pepper99 says:

    Heya Dan…

    Thanks for the update…
    Do you hear any rumblings about TRP at all? It would appear that someone definately knows something….!


    • Brokerman says:

      Jesus it’s hot here! I’m currently sat in my boxers. Had to cover my legs up yesterday. The religious police objected as i was outside a Mosque and the ladies were entering it!
      Glad to get back to Dubai.
      Tower will rise the nearer they get to Feb expect a big push on them when they spud and start drilling. Unlike last time which was an unmitigated disaster hopes are high that they strike it.
      Good short termer all depends on how the drill goes. I bought these some time ago at 4p and sold them at 9p when they released the info about the 10 billion etc etc. Since then they have risen to about 7p or so when they were drilling the first well then they crashed when it was a dust bowl.


      • nickleeson says:

        hi dan , fancy meeting for a beer over the weekend , i live in dubai and would be nice to meet up for a chat at barasti or similar place if you want.