Gulf Keystone Petroleum. Great buying opp’ here!

Kayala Bay, Northern Cyprus

I will be here !

Just a quick reply to the many emails regarding the current GKP share-price. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Gulf Keystone they are trading at a low vis-a-vis their inherent value which is as you all know suppressed due to their area of operations.(Kurdistan) On top of this the Global uncertainty has further eroded value. However like all good company’s based on good fundamentals they will stabilise and rise. Terrific buying opportunities are out there in the market at the moment and GKP are certainly one of them.

I will be flying to Northern Cyprus in about 4 hours time so the Blog posts will become a tad hap-hazard re’ their timing and release!



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No Responses

  1. James Allen says:

    I am down about £2.5k on your recommendations! Don’t think I will bother with anymore.

    • Brokerman says:

      James why do you continue to try and post utter rubbish?
      Take responsibility for your strategy. Don’t blame others blame yourself. I form an opinion. You form an opinion base your investments on it. Do not seek to blame others particularly when there’s a Global meltdown occurring.
      If you can’t stand the heat of investing then stick your money in premium bonds. Or keep it under your bed next to your chamber pot!


      • alphabatim says:

        James if I was down only £2.5k after all that has gone on I would be a very very happy. Only one person is responsible for your investment decisions — you , so stop being so resentful and pathetic !
        BMD – keep up the good work.,

  2. provestor says:

    Poor old Aminex.

  3. Nibor says:

    Dan, please would you say what disadvantages there are, if any, in using the low-cost no-frills on-line brokers when compared with the older(?) high-cost no-frills on-line brokers? I have no complaints regarding the Barclays service and wonder how other services might compare for your below-average PI in the street (like me!).

  4. Topshare1 says:

    Dan why do you let this idiot through? He has never posted any thing other than bile about your blog. It’s obvious he’s a hater of all things bmd.
    James youre a real tosspot. If youd of got some rkh after dan said they’d hit oil youd now be showing a healthy profit of 80% instead you chose to moan moan moan, spouting bile. Blaming Brokerman for the global crisis shows just how idiotic you are.
    Go away
    Ban this brainless fool dan. Enjoy Cyprus its brill ive been there. Lots of squaddies.

  5. Rob says:

    Enjoy Cyprus Dan! I’ve just come back and its hot hot hot out there!! 🙂

  6. provestor says:

    Lol enjoy cyrpus before it needs a bailout!

  7. ZB says:

    Dont you have a Search Feature to search for past bloggings ?