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As you all know we do occasionally write about different financial services available. Now we don’t just wake up one morning and think “I’ll write about this or that etc” Usually the subject is decided by the weight of volume we receive through the Admin email. As always one of the main topics or bones of contention are Trading Platforms. I’ve looked at many and used many over the last 10 years or so. So what makes a good platform? Well in my opinion it is the ease of access one gets to the markets especially when the electronic dealing desks/books are closed and how far your provider will go to help you.  When the Private Investor has to revert to the telephone. It’s happened to every privateer and is happening as you read this. These lock-outs always seem to come just at the most crucial time of your trading. It’s not a coincidence its the Markets using the system to enhance their liquidity/positions. I have been speaking to Guardian stockbrokers over the last 6 months or so and what’s impressed me about these is the set-up and just how much of a personal service it is. They are more than happy to invite Private Traders/Investors into their offices and will also give you a tour of Guardian Stockbrokers which  is a privately owned, independent firm of stockbrokers based in The City. Clients are more than welcome to visit their office’s for a one to one assessment on investments and how Guardian operate, this can add real value to investment decisions they will actually explain any query you have and that is a real benefit. They run a very good service with access to 23 Global markets, as well as Forex, futures, CFDs Options and ETFs. Just try asking TD Waterhouse or CMC markets for a tour or a one to one meeting you’ll be given short shrift! Check them out there’s much more to them than at first meets the eye.

“We believe it is important to maintain traditional values in business and consider trust to be at the centre of these values. We therefore take the service that we provide to our clients very seriously by assessing each individual client and advising them on strategies that suit their risk profile and investment objectives. Our advisory service whilst reliant on the knowledge, experience and skill of our brokers, is only as good as the information that we use. This is why we invest much of our resources to gather the most accurate and up to date information available to the market today. Our experienced broking team has a wealth of connections throughout the investment community and is able to study and relay information on the latest news stories, creating trading opportunities for you. Whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced investor, investing over the long-term, investing for your pension or simply looking to speculate, Guardian will provide you with an individual service together with the most suitable and expert advice at a fair and reasonable cost.

I’ve pasted a few links in check them out.



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  1. brinden says:

    Hey Daniel I use Guardian they’re morning update is excellent. Are you getting any lolly for this article? You should be charging them some dosh mate.


    • Brokerman says:

      It’s a free Blog we don’t charge or get any money whatsoever. It’s an article in response to hundreds of emails asking for decent trading platforms. It all helps to give the Blog a more rounded image when news is in short supply or we are awaiting news. Just an interesting piece. They are quite good especially like the fact that you can go into their office and have a free tete-a-tete.


  2. Alan C. says:

    I agree about TDW, left them but very pleased with the service The Share Centre gives. Does Guardian allow you to place multiple trigger orders in excess of cash available and buys will trigger until cash is used up? And will Guardian’s web software allow complete freedom to start, stop and edit triggers with immediate effect. And do they allow £20,000 of trading on uncleared funds? Maybe they do, like The Share Centre, but TDW did not which is why I am so happy with them having tried a total of 4 different brokers. The Share Centre is only up the road from where I live and I’ve been in and they were very welcoming. Maybe this makes 2 good brokers to consider?

  3. Kev says:

    So why did u sell out off CAD?