Rockhopper Petroleum. More oil, some gas, no water=success.

Rockhopper Exploration, the company which found oil off the north coast of the Falkland Islands, has seen its shares soar this morning. RKH opened 20% up from yesterdays close as news of more success down in the Falklands filtered out. After the morning flurry the shares were trading 9.3% higher 263p, following the announcement of a successful well drill this morning. The value of the company in these uncertain times is certainly depressed analysis brings the numbers from some to over 500p pre-production.

Results from the “14/15-4” well suggest that the amount of oil and gas under the cold South Atlantic seas is greater than current estimates.

In its last resource update Rockhopper said it believed its 100% owned “Sea Lion Main Complex” site had 1.297bn barrels of oil in place. This was in addition to its nearby Casper field which was estimated at 90m barrels. Analysts have speculated this may equate to up to 400m barrels of “recoverable” oil.

Rockhopper believes its discoveries extend into areas owned by another company called Desire Petroleum. 14/15-4 was therefore drilled in Desire’s waters with Rockhopper taking a 60% stake in exchange for paying for the drilling.

14/15-4 hit 4 reservoirs, 1 gas (Beverley) and 2 oil (Casper, Sea Lion Main Complex) and one oil and gas (Casper South)

Rockhopper says “all four targets are hydrocarbon bearing and no water wet sands were observed”.

Commenting on the result of the dig, Rockhopper’s Chief Executive Sam Moody said: “This fantastic result from our most aggressive well of the campaign will further increase our minimum estimates of oil in place for Sea Lion and Casper, in addition to proving two new discoveries in Beverley and Casper South, which is our third oil discovery in the Basin.”

So it’s more good news for Rockhopper with a few gaseous crumbs falling into the Desire lap.

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  1. Daz says:

    Well done Dan ma man! You even got the gas call right! I know youre treading on tricky ground trying to get your messages out without the numpties screaming insider trading
    but I for 1 am truly grateful.

  2. Rnsr80 says:

    Excellent reporting and pointing as ever Dan. I am pleased that RKH are coming good as I am in to the tune of £20k on this one. I was pooping my pants at certain points there!!!

    Viva la revolution!

    • Brokerman says:

      Hi James.
      20k That’s a lot of money. Remember you’re allowed to derisk,take profit,top-splice or sell the lot and bank it or hold for production.

      Good Luck & well done.


  3. staff of life says:

    yes another feather in your cap Brokerman.

    Well done

    the chaps on advfn are green with envy matey