Gulf Keystone Petroleum. Looking good. 500p?

Map of Ancient Kurdistan

It’s finally beginning to come together for holders of GKP stock mentioned on the Blog more times than I care to remember. The feeling amongst our city sources is that sentiment among institutions has begun to change for the better. The 200p barrier has now been well and truly broken. The last several weeks has heralded a change as the enormity of the prize begins to form. While the company progress each and every week, production figures look set to increase to mouth-watering proportions. The latest epistles from GKP are nothing compared to what they can actually achieve so long as the insurgency is kept out of Kurdistan.

Lots of requests for entry points, exit points etc in the email in-tray. Suffice it to say that it is up to each and every investor to make their own decisions. Some are sat on massive profits having invested in the company in the low 20p’s, others are new to the game. Remember that any profit is healthy. Get your stratagem right. We all know that this stock is a super-major and should be trading at a minimum of £5 and would if they were operating in any other part of the world be £10+. I still hold some residuals here having derisked quite some time ago. It’s a free carry. If I’d have had the benefit of hindsight I’d now be sat on 145k and I suspect that there’s an awful lot of people out there unjustly kicking themselves for selling. However one should always remember that this self flagellation is nothing more than the ego’s greed. Any profit is a success! Don’t forget that takeover talk is always rife here too!

Well done to all who have stayed the course.



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  1. Dan says:

    Hold on. I said these were worth £10 some months ago. And whilst you didn’t say it was a bad buy, you were certainly negative due to the political regime , which is warranted , but we all knew this was well on its way to being a major or takeover .

    • Dan says:

      You was saying all the city sources would not touch it due to the climate .
      Can we assume these same city boys have now seen the bigger picture , i.e 15 billion barrels ? And are not just focusing on the political issues , which to be fair the nature of the beast in the oil game , and never caused me a great deal of problems .

      • Brokerman says:

        Dan read the article on GKP. It isn’t sources that are holding back on investing it’s major institutions. The post doesn’t say sources are investing it is alluding to sentiment beginning to change in the city.
        Hence the rise, and the ever present takeover whispers.


        • Dan says:

          Thanks for the reply Dan, do you think mxp can follow in GKP foot steps? Or do you not think they have similar potential

  2. Dan says:

    I hope these same city boys change their mind on mxp and stop being so negative . I know I have been banging the mxp drum, much like you with MTA, but I will be upset of we hit on the EMBA B in April and they dont change their chune on mxp, after hitting 497m barrels
    I hope it’s another one I can say I told too so to them negative city boys .
    2011 was transformational but you wouldn’t know it looking at the share price . 12 discoveries . Yet these junk shares with zero oil , revenue , p2 or production can fly 100% in one day based on fresh air
    So frustrating . Max increased P2 by 70%
    Bopd from 2100 to 5600 . Mr market doesn’t want to know . May go jump off a bridge soon pal

  3. StorminNormin says:

    Well done brokerman you’ve hit the heights yet again I remember when you were talking about gkp when they were 50p an you always qualfied your posts with caution regarding the political situation in kurdistan

  4. MikeST says:

    Dan (MXP’s greatest fan) do you ever stop banging on about this share…