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Thumbs Up from BMD!

Very rarely do we cover what forums Private Investors should sign up to. But I must say that I have been sneaking onto the Proactive Investor pages more and more over the last 12 months or so. The site was founded by Ian Mclelland in 2006 as a way to channel his own views on companies listed in London and Toronto. What started as a hobby for Mclelland has quickly turned into a full-time job as the website’s subscription base began to explode. “One2One forums were added later in 2006, and within two years the company had expanded its operations into Canada and Australia. In 2009 the company expanded again, into Germany and Hong Kong, and finally in 2010 the company opened an office in New York.Proactiveinvestors are now one of the fastest growing global financial media organisations in the world receiving more than one million visitors per month, with monthly investor forums now held in over 15 cities globally”.

Mclelland has now gathered an excellent team around his company and has certainly got Proactive into a leading position amongst their contemporaries. What I like about the site is its ease of navigation and its contributor lists with in-depth analysis of companys which are always forthright warts and all. Their presentation team are headed by a chap called Craig Ribton who knows how to get the best out of companys presenting at their forums and he  is not averse to asking questions directly to the any CEO/Board member conducting the pitch. It’s a great site to navigate and more and more companys are signing up for their One2One forums. If I was a Private Investor looking to source information I’d most certainly join their site. But be warned they are rigorous when it comes to debating in their forums any nonsense or abusive behaviour will get you booted in quick-time. As it should be. Structured debate with heated argument are all grist to the mill and can and does often help to research investments or opinion, which are legitimately and sanely tested in the Proactive forums. Check the site out and pay particular attention to the”Guardianstockbrokers pre market briefing” they also have an excellent archive facility, in-fact there’s just so much information on the site that I regularly lose track of time; 10 minutes last night ended up running into over an hour. Here’s a link to them.



NB. Petroneft bouncing back!

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  1. Mt says:

    Agree. It’s a great site, I get all my stock news alerts through them. It’s funny though how many times they’ll declare a trading statement to be positive but then you’ll see 5% get wiped off the value of a company 🙂

  2. KatyBlue says:

    Thumbs up from me too 🙂

  3. Sle update says:

    Thanks Brokerman can we have a update on SLE sitting on a big paper losss

  4. Roger Stacey says:

    A very good site with good links to other sources, though not (yet?) to BMD.

    You can edit this bit, but as you are always writing about companies could you note the plural form. It just grates every time I see “companys”. Sorry!
    – One company, two companies. A company’s logo.