Message from BMD. The Telyco File!

We don’t sit on our laurels here at the BMD Blog. No Sir! In response to  hundreds of emails received over the last six months. Here’s your answer.

Over the last 6/7 months we have been tracking various IP address’  associated with some shocking comments/emails that fortunately you the readers do not get to see. The main offending IP’s are usually associated with a company called Telyco with a link to The Dark Group which is based in Hampshire this  outfit is a technology solutions and service provider quite a well-respected organization. Now what Telyco do is, among other things, provide news feeds on news and events so if you were to work for them then you could if the fancy took you continually post articles all day long. The irony is that after a lengthy perusal of our email subscription lists our man Nick (Marketing head honcho) has discovered 5 email subscriptions from the Dark group now these subscribers are separate individuals and are not in any way whatsoever associated with the offending IP’s. We have over several months been in contact with them and needless to say 2 of them have been helping us on an Ad Hoc basis. The lesson is plain for all to see. If you really want to get information then it’s all down to making the right contacts. The Telco file is now in the hands of a trusted solicitor contact at Schilling’s (Family friend and all that).  Let’s wait and see what she unearths!!!!

Please feel free to cut and paste this article.


Dan the man!

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  1. Barnston Pickle says:

    Jesus Dan I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of you!!!!


  2. Tony says:

    Hi Dan,
    Perhaps I am missing somthing here?

    “The main offending IP’s are usually associated with a company called The Dark Group which is based in Hampshire”
    “has discovered 5 email subscriptions from the Dark group now these subscribers are separate individuals and are not in any way whatsoever associated with the offending IP’s.”

    So are these IP,s part of the same Domain?
    Surely you can black list and redirect ?

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s not as simple as that The dark group have literally thousands of different ip address’s they are a big outfit that run many many servers. Block one and another one pops up.
      We don’t want to block them we want as much pinging as possible. It all adds up.


    • Shotry says:

      I hope I’m not being too dumb, but what is the significance of this?

      • sarah says:

        The point is that people who continually post death threats with abusive threatening emails & comments over prolonged periods of time can be tracked down and brought to book. I bet you they now stop Dan. They’ll of read this and paniked


  3. Robert Wilkinson says:

    Dan you are a breath of fresh air, love it! 🙂

  4. Johnty says:

    It’s that spikeydt. He’s always posting crap on interactive simple as that dan you shoild of come to me. What are you going to do with all the info youve got?


    • Brokerman says:

      You cant accuse without hard evidence Jonty its unfair.
      On your other point we will create a real big bru ha! ha! with the company in other words we will cause pandemonium with their legal dept.


  5. Dave says:

    You ought to check that none of these companies offer a guest wireless internet connection to their clients and customers. Otherwise messages could still originate from anyone, even though you trace the public ip’s back to those companies.
    Also, if they know how to spoof public ip addresses, they can make it look like the messages originated somewhere else.

    • Brokerman says:

      The amount of material we’ve amassed no doubt contains false proxys’ etc but the thread leads back to The Dark Group/Telco 100%


  6. Lt says:

    Matra have consistently hit problems with both wells A13 & A12. For now A13 is not worth discussing. If they cannot stop the water ingress AGAIN in A12 especially after sidetracking one could only imagine what could happen to the SP. They have invested millions into this and still after 4 years they can only and just recently temporarily draw circa 500bopd. You have to admit that this is turning out to be a disaster. Big question Dan, why in your personal opinion do you think that PH, NH or indeed BG don’t seize this opportunity to buy into their Company at such a low SP especially knowing that if they can stop the water ingress in A12 the SP will probably rocket? It does NOT inspire much confidence eh?
    Back to a coin flip i fear!

  7. Go get them BMD. iii have not been the same since the arrival of the said C&P spammer and crew.

  8. Tommygun says:

    Hi dan interesting read.They are a bona fide company are dark group and offer lots of services do you think it’s an employee of the group?


    • Brokerman says:

      We just do not know it could be one of their customers’ employees abusing their service or it could be a hacker using their systems. They are highly regardied in their field and well respected so as of now we presume innocence on their part. The link is certainly there we’ve had it for some time.


  9. Stockguy says:

    Dan, any chance you will run your all seeing eyes over PCI any time soon? thanks

  10. Allan says:

    I intend to agree with Lt. Can you include your email reply to me also.
    Thanks in advance Dan


    Allan Barnard

  11. Angela says:

    I will love to receive that email Super Dan.
    Ciao Angela