Range resources. Further reading.

Just a quick note for the genuine investors here. Forget the intra-day movements this is caused by day-trading. Focus on the news time-line that is the key here. Good news is in the pipe-line.  Range Resources will explode on any further good news. Market-watchers have been buying in on the recent falls knowing that  private Investor sentiment will “Gear up” over the coming weeks/months. There’s a big watch on  here!

So get your positions in place. And as ever please research your investments!!!


Dan (Now the most hated man on the square mile!)

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  1. Pilesh says:

    Dan (Now the most hated man on the square mile!)


    What goes around (MM’s) comes around


  2. Harry says:

    To be fair Dan, that was probably the general sentiment before posting this. The square mile isn’t exactly known for it’s brotherly love 😛

    thanks for the update chap. All aboard the range rocket!

  3. edgedemon says:

    I think you are spot on Dan – latest broker report seems to agree as well..


  4. edgedemon says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dan, latest broker report below


  5. Nick says:

    Come one range. You can do it. Got a load of yell losses to make back. ! I’m with you all the way ranger


  6. BrianBrian2 says:

    Thanks for the news Dan, feel a bit dejected cos I lost a bomb over the last 3 months or so, so much so I could not take advantage of recent good news. Sitting patiently on Matra, Range, Sefton & Nostra Terra. Hoping for a couple of bob to come my way.

    Regards and best wishes Dan

  7. Avalon says:

    Great research Dan, huge thanks & keep up the good work! A tremendous company with a BIG future! Am a big fan of PL & Range, just wish the MM’s would give us a break & PI’s would stop running for the hills every time they nudge the price down to fill their greedy boots! But soon…. very soon we WILL explode!

  8. Brian Cubbidge says:

    Great timing on your mail today regarding RRL it gave the extra push that was needed to consolidate the rise.

    We are not out of the woods yet but the road ahead is looking much more stable and profitable, appreciate your contribution.

    I keep seeing the request to click on the adverts but may be thick but i cant find the adverts,

    Enjoy your weekend


  9. Me Big Kahuna says:

    Seems most have overlooked one important note in the OPL broker report.

    The Target Price: 28.1p !!!

  10. pearlexporter says:

    RRL’s current price (15.75p) is effectively underpinned by the producing Texas and Trinidad assets. So, that allows for free:

    – Massive Puntland targets (multi billions across the licences)
    – Georgia Campaign (2 billion OIP)
    – Herrera Formations in Trinidad (10 targets up to 100 M in each)
    – Offshore Puntlands (Licence later this year – multi billion barrels)

    This is going to be the share of 2011 – 6 company making drills to commence with massive upside if any hit the black stuff… I look forward to your updates on this one, Dan, as the news flow goes into overdrive in the coming days and weeks…


    • amanda coffey says:

      Do yourself a favour, read over previous RNS’s. We are soon to be in play once our manipulative stake builders have completed their targets. Been a holder for the last 2 years, pre RB#1 spud, and broke a cardinal rule by averaging up – (No regrets whatsoever). This is the share to be in for 2011 – 2012, with great newsflow to come. This is a no-brainer at 15p

  11. Graeme Dowson says:

    Hi Dan! Thanks for all the info!
    Range looks to be being manipulated the same as GKP before the big rises as quoted on your site…


    Range have a great spread of low – risk low/medium reward plays (Texas and Trinidad) and two medium/high risk – high reward plays (Georgia and Puntland)

    They will be rewarding if accumulated and held for the next 12 – 36 months for the long term investors, with some big short term movements soon as we start drilling Georgia and Puntland!


    Good Luck to all the Rangers!

    Clicking all your links now mate



  12. Happydog666 says:

    People used to say ” you dont want to be out of this over the weekend” well with what Range have got planned over the summer you would be crazy to be out of it now, this is going to be THE share of 2011 and what a scorching summer its going to be