BMD Plot to takeover the World Unmasked online! World Exclusive.

Dalek on Mars

****I  got back home about an hour ago, the email tray has an interesting theme running through it. I have been laughing so hard my sides have been hurting you know the kind of laugh one used to get; quite uncontrollable as though one had been inhaling laughing gas, my partner has had tears running down her cheeks!***** Entertainment value 10 out of 10.

It seems that there’s an Ace undercover III poster who has uncovered the BMD plot to takeover the world. Take a bow Supercow! There’s no flys on this poster. Supercow AKA Dick Barton (emphasis on Dick) special agent from Bedlam, scourge of the secret underworld controlled by the Insane BMD has uncovered “our eyes only” plot. Yes if you click on this Blog it gives us full access to your innermost secrets we can even view you through your web-cam and HD  T.V.  and turn your toaster on all at the same time. “IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LIKES OF SUPERCOW WE’D OF GOTTEN CLEAN AWAY WITH IT!!!!” Supercow protector of the world, just what world we would dearly love to know! We shall now have to re-group and devise an ever more cunning plan involving our ray-gun and invisibility cloak designed exclusively for the Blog by the ghost of Osama Bin Laden (close relative of mine). Hang on what’s that I hear?…….. It’s a team of USA Navy seals absailing down ropes onto the roof of my fortified complex! Gotta go!!!

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Sola King says:

    Laugh, and laughing is good medicine to the soul and bones. Happy you and your partner had a good laugh. Life is for the living, enjoy it. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Nice weekend to you too and all.

  2. Tsubie says:

    With posts like this I can’t wait for the new website.

  3. Crazy pete says:

    I read those posts and believed him. Turned my web-cam off and disconnected the tele. The voices in my head r telling me to invest in rare earth minerals. Help me pleaseeee!!!

    Crazy Pete

  4. provestor says:

    Hey dan. I was wondering if i could have you email address or if you could tell me if it is the one on the blog? When the new website gets running i have a question for you!
    Many thanks

  5. stevie says:

    Umm…..does this mean you can see me shagging????
    It was with the donkeys full consent, m’lud

  6. Richie says:

    I think supercow is right, how it all makes sense now my Mrs has found out Im sh***** her best mate and she is a bit pissed off to say the least so it was probably you who bloody well told her you numpty! 🙂

  7. Arthur Muir says:

    Anyone know why Smallcap news failed to post the Friday oil&gas round-up?
    I know the site was down yesteday but theres still no friday round up.