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We've all been had!

We’ve all been had!

I was just penning a piece on UKOG when I came across this draft of an article that I wrote for www.shareprophets. I think it’s well worth another publication. Great for the stats!


I have, to the lasting shame of my dear departed Labour supporting pater, steadfastly refused to vote. (Some thing I’m quite proud of). I’ve never voted & have no intention whatsoever of ever voting.  I think it was while reading Aldous Huxleys’ (Brave New World) or The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists  that the penny dropped. We’re being cultivated and harvested by the State apparatus. Divide & Rule. The lumpenproletariat are used as a commodity, labour, to be traded by the Alphas.

History shows the political fayre we’re fed today bears an uncanny resemblance to what we we’re fed through the centuries! Immigration then was all about the Irish, Welsh & Scots. Wars then were just as prevalent as wars today. Pick up a copy of any 18th Century rag or pamphlet and you’ll learn a thing or three. Immigration, vagabonds, footpads, ladies of the night, houses of ill repute, opium dens, pickpockets, murder, robbery, political corruption, police brutality. State propaganda doesn’t change. It is the face that delivers the message that is subject to change. (Labour, Tory, Liberal, Green, UKIP, or any one of the many nutter parties vying for your vote).

Once you awake from the matrix there is as Morpheus says “No going back” The realization that most of society has greedily swallowed their blue pills means that for you, the non-voter, the option to go back into the artificially constructed world, this illusion of democracy, has gone. The State apparatchiks’ controlling Newspapers, Radio, Tell-a-lie-vision, Parliament, Royalty, Police, Army, Navy, Air-force, Councils, MI5/6 are now the enemy of truth. Just occasionally each and every one of them drops their guard and we get an insight into the corruption that pervades them. Expenses scandals, Fraud, Stephen Lawrence, Abu Gharib, Guatamano Bay, Iraqi civilian deaths, Torture, Kidnapping, State Sponsored Murder, War Crimes brushed under the carpet. They are not their to protect you they are their to keep you in your designated place! Do as we say, not as we do!

The political system is populated by shameless, murdering, war-mongering, torturing, kidnapping, (Extraordinary rendition) selfish, expense fiddling liars. The whole process is nothing but a sham. Every time there’s an election we get the same old guff; the demonization of the poor, unmarried mothers, the lazy unemployed, the Immigration/race card, “the NHS is safe in our hands” “The NHS isn’t safe in their hands”

Wake up! The State is inevitably based on lies, coercion, force, violence, and theft, I would never vote for this. I do not give my consent. Government whatever the creed becomes unjust, its power corrupts. Yes there are a few “Tony Benns” left in Parliament but theirs is a thankless task that I am not prepared to vote for. The “democratic” process is a sham. You can shove your vote where the Monkey shoves it’s nuts!

That sort of power shouldn’t exist. It’s barbaric. We just pretend it’s civilized and call it “democracy.”

To put it as succinctly as possible.

Democracy is the god that failed. It’s time to quit participating in a fundamentally flawed system that promotes two twins as being radically different, that presents theft as altruism, and suggests mob rule as “democracy.” It failed. Let it die already.”

Wise words.


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