New web site update.


The new BMD site!

Yes it’s an exciting time here at the BMD blog. The new site is close to completion. It’s taken many hours to progress the project with much gnashing of the teeth with the Designers who have been a nightmare! It seems that the biggest hurdles have now been overcome. Merchant services are now being applied for a decent uk hosting/server package is being negotiated.

I’ve tried to keep it as user-friendly as possible however as your all aware there’s an element out there that always try to undermine the good work done by the many excellent sites out there. So in-order to keep them at arm’s length and on filter, Access to the site Blog/research pages will be via a one time payment which will give  a 12 month access package. The revenues from the new site will be used in the main to fund the site and seek expert analysis/opinion on subscribers behalves. There will be a plethora of opportunities for subscribers to take direct action in all of the research whether that be by joining site visits or sourcing information via the various methods proposed by the new site. There will eventually be an online shop where you can all waste your money on ridiculous tee-shirts,pens, badges,books etc and a beat BMD up cushion for when the pain gets too much!

Keep your eyes open for the launch

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  1. Anton Gully says:

    You should have a founders package, over the odds up front fee for a “lifetime of the site” subscription.

    • Brokerman says:

      Oh I never thought of that. What would you suggest Anton?
      We were considering an online honesty box whereby those who benefited financially could make a donation unfortunately this idea was shelved due to the amount of crazies who could then infiltrate the new site.

  2. sun says:

    Dan if I am right , that means now we have to pay fees for looking into your new websites research articles.

    • Brokerman says:

      No the site will be or should be used by it’s subscribers for pointers with the added advantages of actually taking a direct part in gathering solid information/analysis. The information we manage to glean is for subscribers only a one time fee has the added advantage of filtering out the crazies and assisting with running costs. We are also using adsense/private advertiser revenues to help our new cause “Build a school in Africa” where subscribers can help hands on with the project.


  3. randomguy says:

    It would be nice if the new site had a section dedicated to your 100K to £1M challenge, so that we can follow your stocks and ups and downs. On that note any news on MTA? I invested at the start of the year at a peak of nearly 5p and since then its been sailing downwards steadily even with news of oil production. Whats going on, shouldnt the price be logically going up?

  4. MikeST says:

    Exciting times indeed Dan, sixty four million dollar question then is, how much are we talking?

    • Brokerman says:

      How much would you suggest? Keep it minimal and bear in mind current costs are running at £9487.23p that’s without the final tranche of the designers costs expected research costs eg telephone, visits, paid independent analysis etc etc


      • Anton Gully says:

        Wow. I assume it’s the ip filtering that required custom hosting. Squarespace would have cost you peanuts for hosting even with the user registration and “audience” features. Bit late to point you there now, obviously.

        You’d still have had to stump up for somebody to design the custom CSS/javascript wotever you’re going with anyway.

        • Brokerman says:

          It’s the security that’s needed we need encryption whereby genuine subscribers can discuss and organise research without it leaking into the madding crowd that populates other boards.


  5. Tom says:

    Am I right in thinking that it would remain free for those already subscribed to your existing services?

  6. M Khan says:

    Keep up the good work than

  7. harry says:

    🙁 u said the website would be free to people who have already signed up

    • Brokerman says:

      No we didn’t say that we said that there would be some form of preferential treatment could be a discount or something on the lines of a one in ten free subscription or maybe a return of a portion of the fee within 28 days or maybe an across board reduction or even a one time bonus code emailed out to each blog subscriber. Of course it all depends on the viability of the site to self sustain its own costs!

      I’m working on it.


  8. suzanne nicholls says:

    And how much are you proposing to charge please ?

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s not been worked out yet but what-ever the charge is will be of a nominal amount.

      It’s not going to break the bank unless it’s a piggy bank!.

  9. Angela says:

    Can I get a discount Dan as I will have to pay in euro…..:)

  10. Harry says:

    Your oilex tip is looking a bit shabby 1pound etc more like 10p!!’ crap tip are you getting weak.

  11. oilex investor says:

    Harry since when did 23p become 10p? take your feeble shorters brain back to kindagarten. Dan never tipped oilex for 100p he said that they could hit 100p depends on what comes up at Cambay et all. he wrote on them when they were 12/13 pence they are still up over 90% and have been as high as 35p plenty of profit has been had by us more sophisticated investor types
    Top blog Dan keep these jealous loons off the new site.

  12. Paul Donnelly says:

    Dan, whatever the cost i am sure many people who follow you will be happy to pay up. Lets face it, the profit you have helped us produce far covers any expense you could charge.
    Much appriciated!

  13. MikeST says:

    I would suggest a fee of £5 quid? Your magic ‘Global Traders’ counter up the top shows 264691 visitors (unique visitors?) by the Union Jack flag, even if 10% of us pay it thats what, £132,348 quid… All the Blogs costs are covered, the Schools for Africa pot will get a decent contribution and the Blog stands a great chance of keeping the nutter, naysayers at bay.

    • Brokerman says:

      10% If we can get 2 or 3 hundred signed up after a year I’ll be more than happy. The chances of getting 25,000 subscribers signed up is about as likely as you or me winning the lottery. No there’ll only be a few hundred signing up that’s my best estimate and that’s what we are planning for.
      Still we can always dream.

      Good Night


  14. scandalous! says:

    Is this true that you are going to charge £1000 per year? Please tell me Daniel it’s not true. There’s a bloody recession out there mate. your opinions a thousand pounds is madness.
    maybe a few hundred pounds per year would be more apprprote.

    Concerned Blog fan

  15. Mikejones says:

    I dont mind in the least paying a couple of hundred quid for a years subscription. I use red hot penny shares they are shite so is what a rip off they are. At least here ive made the subscription payments on your Blog s well before the new site comes online. Actually Dan ive made a right few quid running into a hefty wedge. So a few hundred is chicken feed for me i expect most will join up i like this new guerilla investing idea sounds cool lets hope we can get a few over on the market.

  16. IM JOININUP says:

    encore up.avesco up.Bezant up. diamondcorp up. Youve wrote on these comps recently they are ALL rising . nice to see them rising. Do you remember Haike Dan? Well they rae up a wallop today whats the thinking behind haikes rise?


  17. Neil says:

    I am a recent subsriber to your emails and as such have not profitted from them, I do not have a lot to invest and am 100% invested for the medium term, people like me be priced out of the new website at £200, the job market is still bad and I am only working part-time at the minute, will your new website only be for the wealthy?

    • Brokerman says:

      It will not be £200 or as some have wrongly suggested £1000 . There will be a fee which will help towards the Administration of the site.We have got it down to approx’ £150 for 12 months and hopefully may be able to reduce this even more dependent on how the revenues accrue. Contact me when the site goes live i’m sure we can squeeze in one or two in through the back-door!