Avesco trending up! (As foretold)

There’s a lot of emails asking for an update on Avesco unfortunately there’s nothing to update on. It is now a question of how the legal appeal proceeds in the next 4/6 weeks. They are trending up since the last post and have risen some 22% (as foretold) so it looks as though sentiment is beginning to grow.

Good Luck and as always please research your investments.



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  1. jason says:

    The trend is a regular deja-vu insofar as the 1-year chart is concerned…rally, pull back, rally, pull back

    what value are you attaching to their potential legal payout, many on BB’s applying > current mkt cap?


  2. paul says:

    I would have to say that the comment of trending up as ‘foretold’ is a little bit of the old chicken & egg. The only reason it jumped was because of your post, otherwise i suspect the SP would have remained the same. I would not be claiming success when it was your actions that caused the jump in the first place.
    I dont mean to critasise, Im a big fan but you cannot be too careful about blowing your own trumpet.

  3. Rosalimacat says:

    Hi Dan
    Whats wrong with BZT. Just seems to be like west ham. Going down
    Thanks steve

  4. OILBUG says:


    can we have your views on Encore now oex is finished and more to the point what are the big boys like pmo going to pay ? is the takeover still on short term ?

    I note encore going to drill carnaby and other prospects in 4q on existing cash.

    what are the implications of the increased taxes etc

    I think we all need a recap as encore was once a flag ship investment on this blog.


  5. Angela says:

    Dan any news on Mta

    Ultrapunch will go crazy for this…..!!!!!

    Ciao Dan

  6. Mark says:

    Why do you say OEX is finished ?