News of the World. R.I.P!

A rest in peace sign.

But Rot in Hell!

The phone hacking/bribery scandal that has engulfed the News of the (sordid)World is now threatening to engulf the whole of News Corporation . The closure of the aforementioned Dirty rag is an attempt by the Murdoch clan at damage limitation. Just how many other News Corp’ titles and media off-shoots around the globe have been involved in mobile phone hacking and bribery? Police officers and Politicians are now caught in the cross-hairs. How many top Police officers and politicians have been wined,dined then bribed? It’s a hot topic being openly discussed among the hacks on Canary wharf. Hence the announcement earlier today by Murdoch junior. What happens if the USA titles come under scrutiny? Will they pass muster? Does anyone really believe that this is confined to one title in one country? News International has been at it for years, it’s Global! I’ve dealt with the news of the world many times. I severed all ties with them about 3 years ago due to an argument over their trickery. I worked on a huge story which was a splash (front page)  the news of the screws splashed it all right in their Northern edition and placed it front of book on page 9 in their Southern editions thereby thinking that we wouldn’t discover the front page splash in the North of course they only paid for a page lead and forgot to mention that splash in the North of England!  There where some real unctuous characters flying the desks in their Wapping newsroom! We walked away and never worked with them again! I can tell you that phone hacking is the tip of the iceberg, email accounts were regularly hacked, bribery was rampant, it’s exactly the same at The Sun! It’s Global and endemic through-out their organisation!  Rebecca Wade (now Brooks) was an absolute bitch! And Coulson was an arrogant piece of shit. I look forward to the enquiry as does Tommy Sheridan who was fitted up. Coulson denied under oath at Sheridan’s trial that they paid Police Officers. He has perjured himself. The man is a liar he knew exactly what was going on as did his predecessors and his successors.  The UK is well shot of the NOTW, let’s hope they don’t try to revive it 3 months down the line. No doubt they will, here comes The Sunday Sun! The domains have already been registered! The focus on News International should now turn Global this organisation is a pernicious media empire, just watch Fox News!



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  1. stevie says:

    Brilliant mate… must be loving this demise in your position lol.
    Totally agree , free tommy s , he’s been well looked after btw but still should not be in the pokey…..offered voluntary rule 43 knocked it back and strode in head high I believe. Can you imagine the compensation payout $$$$$$$$, get it round ya news corp lol

  2. k mk says:

    wasn’t Piers Morgan chief executive of the NOTW a few years ago? Surely he would never have done anything like that??

  3. Shibari says:

    if phone hacking was a “good business model” for gaining info could anyone believe that journalists inside “The Evil Empire” do not talk to each other? Murdoch only took US citizenship as their media laws require media controlled by US nationals, we should have the same type of law.

  4. Pyeman71 says:

    Who reads there sh1te anyway. Couldnt believe they sell 2.8million copies of that trash. Stopped reading such garbage what must be almost 20years ago. Its an insult to ones intelligence as it looks to dumb the nation. Hope the entire empire comes falling down with lengthy sentences for the scum.