RNSZONE Clarification.

Daniel is out of the country at the moment.

The Blog has been contacted by rnszone.com

Just a quick note regarding the closure of RNSALERT.COM. APPARENTLY THEY HAVE BEEN CLOSED DOWN.

This is NOT I repeat NOT the service The BMD blog recently wrote an article on. The service we wrote about is;  rnszone.com

rnszone have asked me to release this clarification/statement on their behalf.

”We are aware of the rns alert service rnsalert.com closing down and would like to refer investors to rnszone.com a similar rns alert service, at the moment we offer you free alerts upon signing up so we would just like to clarify that rnszone.com is in NO way connected to rnsalert.com.  Any  investors looking for a new alert service can obviously contact us directly.

So there you go.

Posted By Nick Rezai (BMD Marketing)

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  1. kyle says:

    Have we had any clarification that RNSZone by the £20,000 fee that RNSAlert were informed they have to pay?
    As if they don’t surely they are going to go the same way as RNSAlert?


  2. leee says:

    Thank you again, I didn’t know what to do about getting alerts after yesterday, now I do . sorted

  3. bren says:

    What was this fee in connection with?

  4. James says:

    investegate.co.uk is a much better sevice than RNSZONE

  5. Chad13451 says:

    Do they also offer a twitter alert service?

  6. kyle says:

    *”that RNSZone by” should be “that RNSZone pay” in the above comment

  7. bren says:

    Just read the fee is a distributers license by the LSE. A total rip off

  8. JB says:

    Are http://www.rnszone.com paying the £20k fee that the LSE charge for the licence to distribute this news?

  9. kyle says:


    Thats what I was asking too, as I cant see how they can afford to based on their prices and what I imagine is a low customer-base (when everyone was getting a free service).

    I also wonder if someone who charges for their service tipped off the LSE to the existence of RNSAlert….if this is the case don’t forget that what goes around, comes around

    • Tom says:

      Just for some clarification. I co-own RNS Zone. We have no plans on going down the same route as RNS Alert. Any deals we have with Infolect (the data providers for LSE) as you can imagine are confidential.

      Any suggestion that we “tipped off the LSE” are completely false and we actually have a good relationship with the owner of RNS Alert.

      If you have any questions feel free to email us.



      • kyle says:


        No disrespect or suspicion intended, I was unaware the LSE are actively engaged in looking into RNS distribution, and apologise if I caused any offence.


        • Tom says:

          No problem Kyle. We certainly were not aware of it either until we heard about the closure of RNS Alert and I just wanted to make it absolutely clear that we certainly had nothing to do with it.



  10. Richard says:

    I’d back up previous comments, the £20,000 annual license fee is a legal requirement for the redistribution of the RNS alerts to avoid legal action for breach of copyright. A charge that RNSZone is legally required to pay, but as announced on this blog previously RNSZone is just a small site setup by a couple of guys trying to make a couple of quid…so very unlikely they could afford the 20k fee… that also doesn’t include the additional annual £5,000 charge to plug into the LSE API to retrieve the data correctly.
    I am aware through sources that the LSE have appointed a dedicated member of staff to track down all RNS services currently in operation and ensure they pay these charges. Those that have been trading will also have charges backdated to the time they started trading, just to make sure the LSE receives the income due!
    I expect to see almost all the RNS alert services not being offered by the big players to very quickly disappear over the coming weeks.