Financial Times & the Nigerian connection!

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Now being run BY the FT!

You may have noticed recently that the Financial Times has been running surveys both online and in their paper issues. Urging readers to complete the survey with a chance of winning a few hundred quid dangled as an inducement to completing the “survey”. Well to call it a survey is a misnomer it’s a blatant attempt by the FT to garner confidential information for marketing purposes. They want your data so they can use it to increase profits. Rather like most of the big high street retailers once they get the information they flog it on to various marketing companys at a premium!  Yet another sign that the Old Girl has lost its marbles. Mammon speaks volumes. Dear Lionel Barber (surgeon) isn’t fooling any one. This blatant, thinly veiled public schoolboy wheeze should be treated with the derision it deserves! Never give out personal confidential information to any organisation whether it be the FT or a Nigerian 419 scam email!



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  1. Anton Gully says:

    Um, Dan, what were you saying about vetting subscribers to your site and proving their identities? How are you going to do that without private information?

    • Brokerman says:

      Very simple we are offering a SUBSCRIPTION service based upon name, age, address, IP.NOT I repeat NOT CURRENT EMPLOYMENT,AVERAGE WEEKLY EARNINGS,HOME OWNER,WHAT PERIODICALS DO YOU READ,,WHERE DO YOU GO ON HOLIDAY, NAME AND ADDRESS OF EMPLOYER,,NAME OF BANK,HOW MUCH YOU SAVE,DO YOU HAVE STOCKS,WHAT TRADING PLATFORM DO YOU USE,WHAT NEWSPAPER DO YOU BUY, WHERE DO YOU SHOP,HOW MANY CHILDREN DO YOU HAVE, whats your shoe size kind of questions will not be needed to SUBSCRIBE. YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A CONFIDENTIAL SUBSCRIPTION to a web-site not filling out a survey BASED UPON MARKETING CRITERIA. I would of thought the difference between subscribing for a service and filling out a Marketing survey was obvious? But there you go maybe common-sense is in short supply these days.


  2. Weathers says:

    Well said Dan.