Encore Oil It’s a question of How much? And when?

A North Sea Oil rig. North Sea oil production ...

As foretold by BMD!

The recent move upwards in the Encore oil sp is atypical of whisper, rumour, and good old-fashioned buying, in the belief that they are a solid investment. We’ve seen this sp bounce around  many times. I recall writing on them when they were in the 40p’s. They are always going to spike after periods of “genteel decline” no news means that stocks like this drift downwards until the market get the scent of  an event. And what greater event than the rumoured TAKEOVER of Encore by Premier as mentioned here some time ago.(see Takeover tipping point article)

Now lets just forget takeover and put it to one side. The reasons to invest here are overwhelming Catcher,catcherNorth,Cladhan,BurgmanVaradero, two new licences in the UKCS 26th Seaward Licensing Round, Completely debt-free,Tudor rose,Merroe,Spainards etc. The point I am making is that Encore Oil are built on a firm foundation and they will always spike up on good or “perceived” good news. It’s a win, win situation for genuine investors the secret here is to hold your stock.

Back to the news. I did write about Premier being the front-runner here vis-a-vis Encore’s assets/takeover and now it would seem that some in the market are agreeing. It’s quite ridiculous really. You’ve got the company Ceo Booth actually telling the AGM that they are in the market for takeover and that EO probably wouldn’t be around for the next AGM.  It should be no surprise to Investors when they finally announce a takeover, with Premier who are as stated  previously on the Blog the Lead mover for the company! Of course no one knows how long it will take but make no mistake Encore have been talking to suitors other than Premier. The whispers circulating at the moment are that Booth wants 300p per share. Premier  see  EO  at 180p  news from the city is that Premier may go to 210/15p but Encore will have to move downwards  particularly since the new North sea tax has rather taken some of the shine away.  It is rumoured that Booths 300p figure could be lowered by the board. They are going to be swallowed up it’s just a matter of how much and when!



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  1. robert says:

    cheers dan i hope this post gets to you /

  2. Dan says:

    dan theres no point in password protecting your posts. Someone will post the password immediately on III.

  3. Angus says:

    hi Dan, just a technical point about your password protected releases. I use Google Chrome and they do not open, try Inernet Explorer and they do. Is anyone else having the same issues? Now I know it’s easy to access, but very frustrating when you don’t. hope this helps anyone else in the same predicament. Otherwise thanks for the news Dan………best

    • Apur32 says:

      Hi there,
      I have the same problem with Firefox 4.0 on PC. It does not open but Internet Explorer opens it without any problem.

      Sort this problem. DAN
      its annoying………….

  4. Tony says:

    Cheers, I`m already in… Nearly sold out just prior to the rise.

  5. jason says:

    Cheers for the update Dan…

    looking at the trades – a raft of AT buying came thorugh just after your email was sent..so there is still a spike which is being traded imo.

    It will be interesting to see this one unfold though, as you say EO have always stated their intention to sell.

  6. barnstonpickle says:

    Dan just to let you know they’re posting the passwords on London south east and advfn and iii. A rethink needed for the new site mate.


    • jason says:

      Didn’t see the pasword posted on advfn, although the main segment from the article was…

      ..unfortunately I cannot see how you stop someone copying & pasting elements of an article onto an internet bulletin board.

      The only way possibly to do so would be to limit any articles to being released whilst the market was shut…not every pi continually checks their mailbox/ this website for updates during the day (many of us have day jobs)

    • jason says:


      I didnt see the password posted on advfn, although the ‘juicy’ segment of the article was…

      Dan – with regards to stopping future articles/password appearing on chat threads, unfortunately I’m not sure how you stop it….
      one idea maybe is to post articles out of market hours – not every pi has continual access to this blog / their email (especially if its a hotmail/gmail/yahoo account) during the day, and many of us also have day jobs which can eradicate any advantage given by the present hour embargo

  7. alex says:

    at 300p the market cap will be a billion squid! id happily take 200p or thereabouts, can’t be too greedy these days. nice to see encore being back on radar with the blog thanks dan.

  8. pennydrops says:

    I read the post from january Dan where you mention the rumours around Premier. How come they are now resurfacing? and how much do you think prem will offer in the end.
    Well done chalk another one up Dan


  9. Isaac says:

    hi Dan i was wondering are you in encore,and if so ,may i ask how deep?