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  1. barnstonpickle says:

    Yes I do recall the takeover tipping point post in jan mentioning something.
    I’ll have a gander and refresh the old grey matter.


  2. Thadeus says:

    Eagerly awaiting your post on Encore, if there is any substance in the rumours it may explain the tight range Encore has been stuck in recently which looked suspiciously like a algorithmic trading programme in play, possibly large positions being filled who knows.


  3. stevie says:


  4. rogue says:

    dan for the sake of my sanity and 300% profit pls let me know if i should be exiting stage right :/

  5. City Boy says:

    Interesting weekend speculation. However no bid will be made and more importantly accepted until the current drill has been completed and logged as how can the management value the firm for shareholders until they know exactly what they are sat on. Once this is known then serious bids will emerge rather than paper talk

  6. B1GGZ says:

    Good to see encore rising again .

    Dan , any more news on RRL , seems to have stalled a little. Can we really see 50p Next month ? Also have you had chance to look at HER and DPL. News due very soon on HER on their first drill with 3 very exciting prospects ahead of them, and a strike in any one of them could well see them in double figures with what most investors are expecting.

  7. bren says:

    been patientlyinvested here, rather than trying trade in and out, watching it rise and fall in equal measure over the last few months. Its been rather frustrating Im sure for most, but Im sure it will be worth the wait!! Always had faith in your work here Dan!!

  8. Alex says:

    Looking forward to news tomorrow all being well. Spreadbet running at 113p !!!!

  9. robert says:

    Dan, still cannot post on your comments site?

  10. robert says:

    Did you get this comment dan.