ENCORE. Cladhan/Catcher. A thought here!

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As previously mentioned here Premier are known to be discussing Encores Catcher operators’ licence and greedily eyeing their stake.

However there are now two schools of thought currently being discussed here in the city.

The recent Cladhan drill has certainly put the wind up Premier vis-a-vis Encores’ Catcher stake.

The news from this end is that Cladhan now puts Wintershall in the driving seat for a possible takeover of Encore bearing in mind that Wintershall are tied into the Catcher discovery with a 20% interest. (See Reuters link).

Premier will now know that Wintershall are the front runners in any attempted takeover/asset sale the best that Premier can hope for is an Encore sale of Catcher if Premier become the operator of Catcher. Now this can’t happen until the full oip ,which is expected to increase, is known.

The Wintershall interests in Catcher and Cladhan (which again is expected to be at the top end of the 200 million and will probably surpass it) given Encores raison d’etre must surely add up to at the very least an asset sale to them with the cash being returned to stock-holders via a special dividend. The more likely scenario is a full blooded takeover by Wintershall of Encore.

So goes the thought here.

There could quite literally be a bidding war here for all or part of Encore.

My advice is to hold your stock and top up on any fall.

Encore could be handing out big cash divis’ at the very least before Xmas or as most analysts think be gobbled up by one of the above mentioned Oilers.

Sell at your peril Massive gains are on the horizon here for those that hold.


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  1. robert says:

    robert thanks again dan/ your a top man/ great post/ keep up the good work.

  2. OILBUG says:

    Dan agree with your view

    20% or less gain today just does not seem to price in the potential short term.

    Thats why i personally have kept towards eo. rather than NPE mainly heavy oil. I know it has 15% in catcher but i feel will have more selling pressure in NPE for short term gains due to issue. For example sterling resources should have been up far more yesterday with 40% interest in cladhan but due to their issue its kept down the gains.

    the futures bright for encore !

    Encore has two massive light oil finds

  3. Biggleswick says:

    Thanks Dan for the update. A great read. Topped up today with my limited funds and will now hold until the bitter end. Which bitter the end I don’t know but will reasses at Xmas and Xmas is looking interesting for a few oilies! Here’s hoping. Cheers.

  4. Steve Jones says:

    I must protest Daniel i am sick to my back teeth having to constantly come on here to congratulate you!

    Chalk up another one fellah!
    Still holding for 100p+


    Any news on Matra they must be close now to releasing news?

  5. Bono says:

    Bono here Dan.
    What’s the next target between your cross hairs Dan. Any other companies popping up on the radar?
    I shall be avidly reading your blog for the next hot share.

  6. antonio says:

    well dan i have been watching your info on here and then confirming what you have been saying with a friends who works as a stockbroker and have to say you have been on the ball so far keep up the good work fella.

  7. antonio says:

    by the way dan any info on NPE nautical which are involved in the catcher find what do you think Hold or do we Sell? and top up on encore?

  8. chillaxed says:

    Hi Dan

    Any news on Kraken?

  9. Rocky says:

    hi dan,
    wat u recon for cnt(connaught).

  10. bonzo says:

    whose on the PELE?